The First-Year Experience (FYE) is a residentially-based program designed for the incoming class. As first-year students arrive at IWU, we anticipate that they will have common areas of anxiety such as homesickness, transition to the college classroom, long-distance relationships, roommate conflicts and communication with their professors.

The First-Year Experience houses first-year students together and attempts to smooth the transition from high school to college through a semester-long calendar of intentional, proactive programs led by the Residential Life professional staff of Residence Directors and the student staff of First Year Resident Advisors, along with IWU faculty and staff.

This programming will provide opportunities for students to learn and grow together as they work through shared successes and common challenges as new members of the IWU community. The First-Year Experience will help build a strong community that will lead to a shared and positive identity and ultimately long-term class unity and spirit.

First-Year Halls and Amenities

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