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By offering themed residential living options, Illinois Wesleyan University continues to offer students opportunities to learn together outside the classroom. The opportunity is made available to groups of students who share a vision, a commonality or interest. By living together in campus housing, theme groups have an opportunity to learn and grow together, while accepting the privileges and responsibilities that come with occupying block housing settings. Interested groups of students are eligible for theme living if they meet the identified criteria, including having a mission, a predetermined roster of students committed to living within the the theme community, and a community proposal for the goals and intentions of their group during their year-long occupancy in the small hall.

Theme living is designed to increase the range of housing options available to all students. It allows students to experience the benefits and rewards of living in a smaller community, while ensuring equitable access to residential resources. Theme living is an option for interested groups whose mission is consistent with the goals and purposes of Illinois Wesleyan University and whose ability to enhance that mission will be increased by the opportunity to live together.

Theme Housing Process Overview

The following document is a comprehensive guide to Theme Housing including information regarding: creating a new theme community, renewing an existing community and the overall application process.

Theme Housing Process Overview

Housing Options

Small Halls

In past years, Theme housing has traditionally been offered in one of the Small Halls. Below is a listing of each SH, including which themes communities have recently held charters within them.

Block Housing

Block housing became a new option in 2010. Currently, block housing is available in Dodds (themed suites) and Pfeiffer (group of block rooms).

  • Pfeiffer Hall
    • Ultimate Frisbee 2010-2011

Application Process

To apply for a new theme community charter, see the following document for more details.

Theme Housing Charter Application

To apply to live in a new or existing theme community, please fill out the theme community housing application:

Theme Community Housing Application

Application Timeline

Assessment presentations


Meet with Small Halls RD about theme housing


Renewal presentations for existing themes


New theme charter bidding


Renewal and new charter announcements


Housing Applications Due


Theme Community placements announced


Housing roster confirmed


  *Dates are subject to change

Theme Housing Programming Guide

To submit your Theme House Programming to the Theme Review Advisory Committee (TRAC) please follow this link:

Theme House Programming Guide

*For current theme communities only


For questions regarding theme housing at IWU, contact Joe Volin at (309)556-3987.


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