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University life offers an infinite number of opportunities and choices, and for many, a new level of independence.  Tragic national headlines remind us that beyond simply a "rite of passage," alcohol abuse can have life-changing and even life-ending consequences.

Fortunately, at IWU, the vast majority of students make wise choices regarding the use of alcohol.  One third of our students choose not to drink alcohol at all.  Others choose to drink legally and in moderation.  Those who use in excess are certainly in the minority at IWU.  To encourage these trends to continue and improve, in addition to enforcing specific alcohol policies, IWU will remain proactive in providing students the information they need to make informed, healthy choices.

As in numerous other areas, alcohol education is an important example of how IWU strives for excellence, follows best national practices, and uses methods that have been demonstrated effective.  One such proactive method is My Student Body, an on-line program designed to help students examine personal beliefs, behaviors and consequences, while highlighting prevention education through interactive tools, peer stories and informational pieces.

Incoming Student Housing Requirement

National studies confirm that choices regarding the use of alcohol can significantly affect student's residential and academic experience.  As a residential campus, it is our goal that all IWU students have taken the time to consider or reflect on choices made concerning alcohol usage.  We hope the My Student Body program will raise thoughts or questions to discuss with parents and friends before coming to IWU.

While we encourage all IWU students to complete the full Essential Course (Alcohol, Drug, and Sexual Violence sections), incoming students will need to complete the Alcohol section with a passing score of 85% or better before registering for housing.  You will have 3 attempts to complete the course.  Students will be required to provide their scores on the housing application survey.

Log-in instructions for students

  1. Go to and click REGISTER NOW to create your account.
  2. Put TITAN in for your school code, and then follow the prompts for demographic and personal information.
  3. You will be taken to the MyStudentBody My Stuff page.
  4. Select "Take Now" under the Essentials Course header. 
  5. Once you complete the course, you will be asked to complete a survey, and then you can claim your certificate of completion. You will then be taken to the My Stuff page.


Course Modules

The Essentials

  1. Alcohol.  The alcohol module will describe...
  2. Drugs.  The drugs module will discuss...
  3. Sexual Violence.  The sexual violence module will...

Student Conduct

  1. Increasing Awareness. 
  2. Taking Responsibility. 


Additional Resources

For 24/7 resources and advice:

  1. Click on the Student Center tab near the top of the page. Content will be categorized into six different sections: Facts and Figures, Health Concerns, Healthy Choices, Rules and Regulations, Social Scenes, and Sports and Fitness. Click View All to see more articles, videos, and tools.
  2. Click on the Advice tab near the top of the page. Here you can ask questions and someone on our panel of experts will answer you. You can also view past questions and responses.
  3. To visit other wellness sites such as Nutrition, Stress, Tobacco, and Sexual Health go to the My Stuff page and select a topic from the group in the lower left corner.
  4. If you would like to do any self-assessments to learn about your own perceptions and behaviors, go to the My Stuff page and click Take Now next to any of the assessments listed under the brown header labeled Rate Myself.
  5. For campus resources, click the orange Campus Resources button in the lower right corner.


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