Living in close proximity to other IWU students who both share one's interests, and provide opportunities to expand one's thinking in new ways, is fundamental to the residential liberal arts educational experience. Encountering this support and challenge behind every new doorway adds value to a campus learning environment that essentializes residence hall experiences. 

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Yet, finding a roommate who is compatible with one's own life patterns, values and interests can contribute significantly to one's own quality of life and enhance one's educational and social experience.  While some students may not desire assistance in selecting a roommate, others can choose from the services and opportunities that exist to match compatible roommates, such as those that pair students with an International roommate , a transfer student roommate , or a peer who identifies as an LGBTQ or Ally .

Incoming Students

Incoming first-year and transfer students have the opportunity to choose a roommate that they already know, or to be hand matched with a roommate based on a lifestyle survey and common interests.  In both cases, students must complete the IWU Housing Contract which includes the roommate matching questionnaire.

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Current Students

Assistance in selecting a roommate is provided to returning and continuing students through the IWU Housing Portal where a search may be conducted for students who share similar lifestyle patterns.  Further, through the housing selection process, students may elect to take part in our Find a Roommate Night event.

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