Satellite Dishes and Cable

IWU provides cable service to each student room, and to a designated common area in each residential living unit, the cost of which is absorbed into the basic room charge.  For living units that desire enhanced viewing options in a common area, a privately contracted satellite dish installation is allowed within the guidelines listed below. 

Prior to installation of the satellite dish or the signing of any contract for satellite service with a provider, the following items must be submitted to the Office of Residential Life/Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (for University-owned fraternity facilities) and the Vice President for Business and Finance.

  • An application (to be reviewed by committee)
  • A $100 deposit ($50 of the deposit will be returned when the dish has been successfully removed.  The other $50 will be applied to returning the grounds/building to the original condition). 
  • An installation plan from the satellite dish company. (to be approved and supervised by Physical Plant)
  • Documentation for insurance coverage of university property (TV, VCR) from lightening strikes
  • A copy of the satellite service agreement with passages verifying the acceptability of common area/public viewing highlighted
  • Documentation that the installation provider has workers compensation coverage, general liability and auto liability insurance with limits of at least $1,000,000.

Satellite dishes should not be visible from the front (street side) of the residence or from the quad side of the residence for those residence halls that border campus quad areas.  Dishes are to be mounted away from the facility and are not allowed to be mounted, secured or clamped onto university-owned buildings, including railings, walls, windowsills, roofs, ledges, fire escapes, etc.  Dishes must be properly grounded and cables leading off of dishes must be buried.  Cables may be temporarily installed through a window except those used for fire escape. Dishes must be removed at the time of checkout; students are not allowed to "will" or "pass" an installed satellite from one to another.

Physical Plant must approve and supervise installation plans. Dishes must be installed in a way that allows for Physical Plant to maintain the grounds/building around the dish. 

The organization or group that contracts for service accepts all responsibility for equipment as well as installation, removal or damage incurred with required hardware.  IWU is not responsible for theft or vandalism to installed satellite dishes or the cable boxes, which accompany them.  Damage to University property, including connected electronic components, such as televisions, due to lightening strikes on satellite dishes will be the responsibility of the satellite dish owner.  A minimum of $1000 coverage for university owned equipment must be verified.