Keys and Locks

Keys that are issued to students represent responsibility for individual security as well as responsibility for the security of others. Therefore, a student who loses a room key will be charged for the cost of recoring the door and for the replacement of keys to the room, suite, mailboxes and outside door. The cost for recoring a student room is $35, for a suite door it is $45, and for an outside door key it is $100.

Unapproved locking mechanisms on residence hall doors, closets and windows are prohibited and subject to a $50/day fine per lock. Unauthorized possession, duplication or use of keys to residence hall premises or unauthorized entry, even through an unlocked door, is prohibited.

Students are expected to carry keys to their rooms at all times. If a student should become locked out of his/her room, the Residential Life staff provides a lock-out service. Staff will utilize the building's submaster key to access the student's room for a fee. The charge for all lock-outs is $5.00. Students must pay the charge within seven days of the lock-out or a $2.50 late fee will be added and the total charge will be added to the student's University account.

For information regarding break keys, click here.