Dining Plans and Residential Requirements

All students who live in University residence halls are required to have a full dining plan plan. Available plans are listed on the Dining Services website.  Plan costs are determined by the Business Office and listed on the Tuition and Fees schedule. Meals are only active for the selected semester, and do not transfer to the next.  

Allergies and Dining Exemptions

Students with uncommon severe food allergies or who practice specific religious preparation (i.e. Kosher or Halal practices) may apply for a waiver from the meal plan. Documentation is required to support request, and is available on our Health Accommodations page.  Vegetarian, vegan, and other health conscious practices can be supported through the campus dining program through Sodexo and are not eligible for a waiver. 

Changing your Dining Plan

All dining plan changes must happen through the MyHousing Portal. If you need assistance figuring out how to change a meal plan, please view this quick YouTube video on How to change your Meal Plan

Meal plan changes for the Fall Term typically begins in March and continues until one week before classes start.  Changes for the Spring Term begins in October and continues through the end of the fall term, ending the last day of Fall Finals.  Full details are listed in the MyHousing portal.

Once the open enrollment period has concluded, meal plan changes are no longer available for the term.  You must wait until the following term to make any change to your meal plan.

If you have other meal plan questions, check out our Meal Plan FAQ webpage.