Greek Chapter Houses

Upper-division students with social Greek affiliation and two semesters of residence hall living are required to live in their fraternity or sorority chapter houses and board in the fraternity or sorority house dining rooms, where available. Residential fraternity and sorority chapters are grounded in the philosophy of living ideals‚ the daily practice of personal embodiment, in attitude and behavior, of the founding values of the chapter, and the cyclical passing down of chapter foundations and ideals from active members to new members by the act of living together over time as brothers or sisters.

Fraternity and sorority chapters at IWU that choose a residential focus are expected to self-manage the chapter and chapter members at a heightened level. Residential expectations of such self-governance include ongoing recruitment of new members to maintain chapter numbers appropriate to fill the housing space assigned. In cases where chapters recruit beyond their ability to house members within the chapter house, and the house fills to 100% capacity with members, the Office of Residential Life will assist in providing residence hall housing for the remaining members, as space allows.