Room Damage

Students are responsible for maintaining the facility in which they reside. Students should, in cooperation with residential life staff at check-in, carefully note the condition and inventory of the room's movable furniture, and the condition of the walls, floor, ceiling and built-in items.

For reasons of life and fire safety, students are not permitted to alter or modify University-provided furnishings or the basic layout of built-in furniture in the room. It is recommended that students keep in mind the size limitations of residence hall rooms when bringing belongings to the residence halls. Student construction of furniture, makeshift beds, lofts, platforms or other apparatus is not permitted. Students may not remove University furniture from common areas for their private use in their rooms. All furniture provided in student rooms must remain in the room.

Repairs or replacement of items whose condition has changed since the completion of the Room Condition Report form (completed at check-in) will be appropriately charged to the student on the student's University statement if not collected at check-out. Students are also liable for charges for any unusual housekeeping service, such as cleaning rooms left dirty when moving out.

Damage charges are assessed equally against all occupants of a room unless personal liability can be determined. Only University personnel may repair damage to residence hall rooms or furnishings. Students are responsible for any damages caused by adhesive substances, such as mounting tape, scotch tape or self-adhesive fixtures. Students also are responsible for the condition of their room door, both inside and out.