Quiet Hours

First and foremost, the residence halls are places where students must be able to sleep and study. Therefore, students are expected to respect the rights of others to live in an environment free from disturbances caused by loud stereos, shouting and similar disruptive behavior. Residence hall quiet hours are:

Sunday – Thursday, 10:00 PM - 10:00 AM
Friday – Saturday, 11:00 PM - 10:00 AM

Courtesy hours are always in effect.  Upon request of a fellow resident, individuals are expected to moderate their noise levels to reduce distractions that limit others from sleep or study.  

In cases of persistent, excessive noise emanating from a room and causing disturbance to the community, all possible and reasonable attempts to contact the residents of the room will be made (i.e., staff will knock on the room door and call the room by phone; friends and associates will be queried about roommates’ whereabouts; cell phones will be called and residents will be IM’d, as contact information is available).  If, after such efforts, the residents of the room are still unreachable, a pair of staff members will be permitted to enter the room with verbal approval of the RD-on-Duty to end the noise disturbance.  A note indicating that an entry was made will be left on the device for the residents, and any policy violations in plain sight will be documented. 

Quiet hours may be changed in a hall. To change the quiet hours, a hall open forum must be publicized and held to discuss the proposed changes. Within two weeks, a vote must be held. The return must be 100%, with 75% of the respondents voting to approve the proposed change. Once the vote is taken, the change will be put into effect with the approval of the Director of Residential Life.

Weight lifting equipment and musical devices or instruments whose sound carries may be used only with approval of one's roommate(s) and without disrupting others. Radios, televisions and stereo equipment should be used in a manner that does not disturb the study or community environment on the floor/wing/suite or in the residence hall. Students are encouraged to use the practice facilities provided by the School of Music. Improper use of sound-making equipment may result in the student being required to remove such equipment from the residence hall.