It is widely acknowledged that students in their first year at Illinois Wesleyan University are transitioning in a number of ways, including the exploration and understanding of personal values.  Additionally, first-year students are less likely to have the skills that allow them to set limits on roommate behaviors that might seem intrusive, such as the overnight presence of opposite-sex guests.  This is combined with the fact that 80% of first-year students do not choose their own roommate during the first year.  Given this volatile mix of circumstances often unique to the first year, students who have experienced less than two semesters of university residential living are governed by the extended visitation policy, allowing romantic or intimate partner guests to be present between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 a.m., Sunday-Thursday and without restrictions on other days.  Students with more than two semesters of university residential living have open visitation, allowing guests to be present at all times without restriction.

Both visitation policies require that roommates be in agreement with the number, frequency and hours of guests. Illinois Wesleyan University strives to create a residential community in which residents discuss and resolve their differences. Any student who needs the support, advice or assistance of a trained staff member in resolving a roommate conflict should contact his/her RA/FYRA or Residence Director.

Students may host overnight guests (in conjunction with the appropriate visitation policy above) for a maximum of three nights with the agreement of any and all roommates. Students must escort their guests while they remain in the hall. Neither students nor guests may sleep in any common area and must use the bathroom facilities designated by sex or a gender inclusive restroom located within each residence hall. In residence halls with dormer facilities, guests must sleep in their host's assigned room and not in the common sleeping area. Guests must obey University and Residential Life policies. Students are responsible for the actions of their guests at all times. If violations of policy do occur, guests and visitors will be removed from the hall and future admittance to the hall may be restricted. Guests under 18 years of age are normally not permitted to stay overnight in residence halls without a letter of permission addressed to Residential Life staff. Individuals not associated with IWU are guests of the institution, hosted by campus residents.  Thus an individual who remains on campus for a span greater than three days, even when hosted consecutively by different campus residents or occasional nights spent elsewhere stands in violation of this community standard.