Care of Student Rooms and Common Areas

Students are responsible for the rooms to which they are assigned. Simple health habits and respect for roommates and neighbors will promote good living conditions for all.  Students are expected to recycle paper and mixed containers in the appropriate containers on their residence hall floor or other designated collection area. Wastebaskets are to be emptied into trash containers on each floor. All large objects must be taken to the designated trash pick-up area. Equipment (brooms, mops and vacuums) is available at the hall desk to help keep rooms clean. Trash, dirt and lint are not to be swept into the hallways. Students whose rooms seem to be inconsistent with health and community standards will be confronted and expected to comply with requests concerning cleanliness.

In addition to the care of their own rooms, students are responsible for the condition of the hallways and common areas and are held accountable for any damages done to them. Hallways, stairwells, elevators, recreation areas, lobbies, laundry facilities, study rooms and bathrooms are to be kept clean and orderly at all times. Although the custodial staff is responsible for the regular upkeep of these areas, student cooperation is necessary. Sporting activities and the throwing of balls and other projectiles are not allowed. The bulletin boards on each floor are to be used for signs, pamphlets and other literature. Such items should not be posted on the walls by anyone except a Residential Life staff member.