Suite Living

Because of the nature of suite life, all suitemates are expected to share a common space and must peacefully co-exist in a more intimate setting. It is often difficult to find a compatible room and suitemate match should one member of a suite community cancel his or her housing plans. Therefore, the Office of Residential Life allows underassigned room and suitemates the possibility to pull another compatible student into their suite should one member drop out. The suitemates will be contacted as soon as the vacancy is confirmed, and will have two weeks in which to provide the name of a new suitemate replacement. Should no replacement be found within two weeks, traditional consolidation procedures will be initiated. In cases where the suitemate who drops out of the suite is the student whose lottery number was used to obtain the suite, suitemates will not be allowed the opportunity to pull a suitemate of their choice into the suite, but will be traditionally consolidated. This is to discourage students with low lottery numbers from purposely signing up for a room they never intend to live in so that they can pull another group of students into the suite with them.