How do I request break access?

Requests need to be made online in the student's MyHousing Portal.  After the online form closes, students can make requests through their RD or ORL. 

By when I do need to make a request?

Please check the dates on the break key dates website.

How does this work - do I need a key?

You will be given break access through your residence hall card swipe system. Your ID will work if you have been given break access for that specific break.

What if my coach/sponsor doesn’t request break access on my behalf?

Students must make their own requests in MyHousing.  Access cannot be requested by a coach or other campus sponsor, but a coach or sponsor may be contacted to confirm.

One of my friends/teammates requested access, can they just let me in?

No. Students must make their own requests in MyHousing. We need to know who is on campus over breaks. A $50 Charge will be assessed to students who fail to request permission to remain in residence through a break, and a judicial referral may also be made in these cases.

How do I avoid costs?

Plan ahead and make your request in advance (by the posted deadline) to avoid a charge.

Are residence hall policies in effect during the break period?


In case of emergency over break, whom do I contact?

Contact emergency services at 911, campus security at 309/556-1111.

What if damages occur in the hall during the break period?

If damages occur in the hall, and individual will be held accountable for them if one can be identified.  In cases where an individual cannot be identified, all students with a break access will be charged equal shares of the damage cost as per the residence hall damage policy

If you have additional questions, please contact your Residence Director of the Office of Residential Life.