Housing is not generally provided for the Thanksgiving break, Winter break, Spring break or May Term break. Halls close for each break and reopen after the break ends.  However, a number of students may have a specific need to remain on campus for all or part of a break period.  Details follow about how a request may be made and permission obtained to remain in housing when the university is closed.

There are several reasons for which permission is granted to student requests to remain in housing during a break period:

  • students whose permanent home is more than 450 miles away from campus
  • students with an essential on-campus job
  • students who have a musical or theatre rehearsal or performance
  • students who have an athletic practice or competition
  • students with academic commitments

Permission may also be granted to students who have special or unique circumstances.  Students who believe their request warrants additional consideration should discuss it with their Residence Director.

Regardless of circumstance, students must submit an online request through the student's MyHousing portal (click here for assistance).  Students may also wish to explore frequently asked questions about the process and practice of staying on campus during a break.

Coaches, faculty or staff who wish to express approval for a student to remain on campus may contact the Office of Residential Life to submit a name or list of names.  However, individual students must also initiate an online request, and both pick up and return their key within stated guidelines to avoid incurring charges. 

Charges may be incurred for students who request access after the deadline ($10), or call to request access outside of university business hours ($25).  Charges are also assessed to students who fail to request permission to remain in residence through a break ($50) and a judicial referral may also be made in these cases.  

The following important dates and deadlines related to staying over break should be noted:





May Term

Request break access online

  • no charge

  • key delivered to hall desk

 before Nov. 16

 before Dec. 12

 before Mar. 6

before Apr. 26

Request break access after deadline in ORL or with RD

  • $10 charge

between Nov. 16 and Nov. 22

between Dec. 12 and Dec. 16

between Mar. 6 and Mar. 10

between Apr. 26 and May 2

Request break access by contacting RD-on-Duty after halls close

  • call 309/319-6381

  • $25 charge

 after Nov. 22

after Dec. 16

 after Mar. 10

 after May 2