Students in their first year at Illinois Wesleyan are housed in one of three halls: Gulick, Munsell and Ferguson.  Besides being a great place to meet other students and build community, residence hall living results in higher grades, better graduation rates and higher satisfaction with the college experience compared to peers who don't live on campus.  

Fun with balloonsHousing for incoming students is assigned in order of the date each student's Admissions Deposit is received.  Students with earlier deposits are more likely to receive their first choice hall.

Once the Admissions Deposit is received, students are sent orientation information and materials, and access to the web portal.  It is through this portal that students access their email, and the  housing and roommate matching information is emailed to the address.

Learn how we pair students with roommates or how you can actively seek a roommate, including pairing information for students who welcome the opportunity to live with an International student, those who are LGBTQ+ or allies, or who want to request an accommodation based on a medical or mental health need.  If you have someone specific you want to live with, please put that in your housing survey/application. 

Understand what it means to live in our community, including our community expectations, and the rules and policies that make campus living safe and comfortable.

fun with chocolateYou may be wondering what to bring with you to campus, and what to leave behind!

Information is provided for students have a medical or mental health need for housing or meal plan accommodations, such as a hall with an elevator, a single room, or a fire alarm strobe, for instance.  

Learning about a new place can be challenging -- especially around language and abbreviations.  This list may help provide clarity around common acronyms used at IWU.