Students living in small halls acknowledge that their assignment into a small hall is a privilege, and that the violation of any University or housing policies may lead to removal from the hall. Residency in small halls is determined through a theme application process that precedes the housing lottery in the spring semester. After applicants are selected for residency, students may choose rooms based on their assigned lottery numbers.

Blackstock exterior BLACKSTOCK HALL

Blackstock Hall, named in memory of a great benefactress, Mrs. Mary Hardtner Blackstock, was first opened as a women's residence hall in 1937. Housing 24 men and women, this converted mansion with a home-like atmosphere remains a very popular smoke-free residence hall for upper-class students. Over the summer of 1999, the third floor dormer was renovated into two student rooms and new loftable, stackable furniture was added to all rooms.

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Kemp exterior KEMP HALL

Kemp Hall construction began in 1903 and was completed in 1906. Kemp was acquired by IWU in 1912 and has served the University in a variety of functions, including that of a residence hall. This building is occupied by students participating in the International House Program. This hall has remained extremely popular among upper-class students because of its home-like environment, spacious rooms, and the strong community from the International House Program. A number of single, double and triple-occupancy rooms are available in this coed facility with a total capacity of 28 men and women.

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