How is the dining plan program set up at IWU?

The block plans provides students with a block of meals that can be used at any dining location on campus during its normal hours of operation.  Each dining outlet will provide a Meal Exchange (ME) menu of equivalent meal combination purchases.  Students can choose from the options on the ME menu at the cost of one block meal.  Students can use Munch Money to add additional items to their meal.  Dining locations on campus include: Bertholf Commons, Tommy’s, Hattie’s, the Dug Out, Starbucks and Freshen’s.  Block meals not used during the semester are lost at the conclusion of that semester.

What are the dining plan options? How do I chose the right plan for me?

There are three standard meal plans: Block 220, Block 175, and Block 130.  Each of these meal plans cost the same amount. Throughout a standard week on campus, there are 18 meals provided through the cafeteria.  The number on the corresponding plan indicates how many meals you receive throughout a semester (Block 175 = 175 meals per semester).  To help select the best plan, here are a few examples of students who might select a particular plan:

  • David regularly attends breakfast, lunch and dinner on campus.  He will visit home occasionally on weekends; however, when he is on campus, he is primarily eating meals on campus.  David's choice is the Block 220 plan.
  • Tianna primarily eats breakfast in her room during the week.  She will eat lunch and dinner most days at campus dining facilities.  She also likes to order take-out, especially on weekends.  Tianna's choice is the Block 175 plan, which is our most popular plan.
  • Aaron will have some meals on campus, but does not prefer to eat in the cafeteria.  When he goes to other facilities, he prefers to select from the general menu, rather than the block options.  Aaron's choice is the Block 130 plan.

Students who live in residence halls or university-owned fraternity chapter houses are required to have one of the standard Block plans above.  Students in these residences who do not select a plan will be added to our default plan, the Block 175.  For full details on the block plan options, please review the Dining Services web page.


Is Munch Money included with the dining plans?

Yes, each plan includes a corresponding amount of Munch Money. 

  • The Block 175 comes with $125 in Munch Money
  • The Block 130 comes with $200 in Munch Money
  • The Block 220 comes with $50 in Munch Money 

Munch Money may be used at any dining outlets during normal hours of operation, and does not transfer to the next semester.


Is there a meal plan option for off-campus/commuter students?

Yes!  Off-campus students are able, though not required, to purchase any of our standard meal plans.  There is also a special meal plan designed specifically with the needs of off-campus students in mind: the Block 75 plan.  The Block 75 provides 75 meals per semester with $150 in munch money.

The Block 75 is optimal for students who primarily cook for themselves, but occasionally want to eat on campus in between classes.  This plan is available for current students who do not reside in residence halls or in university-owned fraternity chapter houses.  These students include:

  • Off-Campus Students & Commuters
  • University-owned apartment residents (the Gates or East Street Apartments)
  • University-approved sorority chapter house residents


What if I require more meals than are provided in my dining plan?

Students who have had a dining plan during the semester can purchase additional meals in blocks of 10 meals.  Blocks can be addedcan be added on the Sodexo website, or at the Sodexo Office in the Memorial Center.  Block meals that are added to the student ID are the last to be used (meal plan Block Meals are used first) and remain on the card until they are used.


What if I require more Munch Money than is provided with my dining plan?

More munch money can be added on the Sodexo website, or by going to the Sodexo office in the Memorial Center.  Munch Money that is added to the student ID is the last to be used (meal plan Munch Money is used first) and remains on the card until it is used.


Can I choose a different dining plan for the next term?

Yes, meal plan changes may be made using the MyHousing portal during open enrollment periods. Open enrollment for the Fall Term typically begins in March and continues until one week before classes start.  Open enrollment for the Spring Term begins in October and continues through the end of the fall term, ending the last day of Fall Finals.  Full details are listed in the MyHousing portal.

Once the open enrollment period has concluded, meal plan changes are no longer available for the current term.  You must wait until the following term to make any change to your meal plan.


If I am away from campus during Fall/returning in the Spring, when will I select a meal plan? 

Students who are new or returning to campus will select a meal plan as they confirm their housing plans.  Typically this happens in November for students returning to IWU for Spring and December for students new to IWU for Spring.  Students who wish to initiate this process can do using the MyHousing portal.


What are the hours of operation for our dining facilities?

The hours are listed on the Sodexo Website. By clicking on the Locations / Menus bar on the left side, you can select which venue you are interested in.



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