25Live FAQ

Q: I had an R25 but I cannot access 25Live - do I need to make a new account?
A: All active accounts have been migrated to 25Live.  However, passwords from R25 have not been saved.  Please contact Courtney Turnbull for further instructions.

Q: Where do I access the 25Live room request form?
A: You can find the 25Live request website here.

Q: How do I change my 25Live password? 
A: Once logged into the 25Live homepage, go to the three horizontal lines on the top far right corner. Click on Go to: 25Live Pro. Click on the More tab on the top far right corner. Click on User Settings. Click the tab titled Change Password

Q: Can I book a room for a classroom requirement?
A: Rooms booked for events such as thesis defense, classroom presentations, or other required coursework should be booked by the Department needing them, not the student.  Students can only reserve rooms for RSO activities.

Q: Is there a specific browser that works best for 25Live?
A: Firefox and Google Chrome are the browsers on which 25Live works.

Q: What should be requested through 25Live?
A: All rooms on campus should be requested through 25Live as well as any resources/equipment needed.

Q: What if I need tables/chairs delivered to a space not listed on 25Live?
A: Put the request through 25Live and search for "No Location Needed" in the location field. In the comments section, note to where you need resources delivered.  If off campus, put in the full street address. Be sure to include specific instructions on where to deliver (front porch, beside garage, etc.) and where/when to pick up.  Please note these will only be approved for University-sponsored events.

Q:  Why can't I just make a SchoolDude request instead for my resources like tables and chairs?
A: We have a finite number of campus resources available.  All resources being used need to be entered into 25Live in order to be taken out of our total campus inventory - so we know who is using what/where/when!  Please put your request into 25Live; a SchoolDude will be made on your behalf if it is necessary.

Q: I didn't receive a SchoolDude for my resources; will the space be set up?
A: Only resources that come from the Physical Plant will generate a SchoolDude, so you may or may not receive one depending on what your needs are for your event.

Q: When do I need to add tables/chairs/equipment to a request?
A: If the room already has tables/chairs set up and/or equipment, you do not need to request those. They are considered features of the room. However, if the space does not have permanent tables/chairs/equipment, you will need to add the resources.  When in doubt, add notes to your scheduler in the "comments" section of your request.

Q: How far in advance may I submit a request?
A: See chart


Spring Semester

Fall Semester


Non-Academic Space

On/After January 15
for following spring

On/After August 1
for following fall

On/After May 1

Academic Space

On/After December 1

On/After May 1

On/After May 1

Q: How late may I submit a request?
A: We require requests be submitted 2 business days in advance of the meeting. For large events, you will need to request far in advance to be sure the space and resources needed are available. For requests less than 2 business days, you will need to contact the room scheduler directly to see if available rather than submitting through 25Live. See Reservable Spaces for list of room schedulers.

Q: May I reserve a space for personal use?
A: You may reserve space for personal use, but will be charged at the appropriate room reservation rate.  Please visit the Conference Services webpage for more information.

Q: How do I edit an event once it is submitted?
A: If you have not received a confirmation, you may go into your requests and edit the event. Once the event is confirmed, you may no longer make changes and will need to contact the scheduler of the space to make changes. Please refer to the reference number of the event when requesting changes through the scheduler.

Q: May I submit a request for more than one space at once?
A: If the meeting/event is the same day/time, search for and select each space that is needed.  If your event spans multiple locations at different times, you will need a new 25Live request for each.

Q: What should I do if I forget my login/password?
A: Your login is your net ID (everything before the @ sign in your email address). A password cannot be seen by an administrator, but it can be reset.  Please contact Courtney Turnbull to reset a password.

Q: What if I have a question about 25Live, but I do not know who to ask?
A: We know it can be confusing!  Send an email to Courtney Turnbull, and we would be happy to help you out.