Memorial Center

Memorial Student Center


The Memorial Student Center houses the largest variety of multi-purpose reservable spaces on campus which include large-scale event spaces, mid-sized meeting rooms, smaller spaces suitable for private meetings or dining, and exhibit spaces.  These spaces may be reserved for no charge by Faculty, Staff, and Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) for University-sponsored meetings and events on a first-come, first-served basis.  Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate you!  External event requests and Faculty/Staff/Student requests for personal use, please visit the Conference Services webpage for more information.


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Memorial Center Exhibit Spaces

Dugout Exhibit Counter

Dugout Exhibit

25Live code: MC DOE1 & MC DOE2

Up to two groups may reserve the Dugout Exhibit Counter at the same time, and there is seating for five total people between the two groups. This space may be reserved for up to one week at a time.  There are locked cabinets available to store materials for a group with an extended booking of the space; keys may be checked out from the Campus Safety Desk. The Dugout Exhibit Counter is the most popular exhibit space in the Memorial Center.  As such, it is advised to reserve this space well in advance and not to book extra days and times that you are not planing to use the counter.  It is ideal for informative exhibits and event registrations.




Nell Eckley Lounge

Nell Eckley

25Live code: MC NEL

From the South entrance into the Memorial Center from the quad and at the top of the stairs from the Coffee Shoppe is the Nell Eckley Lounge.  It may be reserved for up to one week.  Groups may reserve an exhibit space here with up to three tables.  This is the largest exhibit space in the Memorial Center and is ideal for groups that have large displays or more attendees.




Commons Entry

Commons Entry

25Live code: MC CE

Groups may reserve one table with seating for two at the base of the stairs that lead up to the Bertholf Commons.  No additional tables or chairs may be requested.  It is advised to only reserve this space during meal hours.  It may be requested for up to one week at a time.




Exhibit Walls

East Wall

25Live code: MC HALL W & MC HALL E

Groups may reserve either the West or the East wall outside the Davidson and Henning Rooms for a large display.  These walls may be reserved for up to 2 weeks at a time.  Please only use masking or scotch tape on the walls.  Groups are requested to remove their own displays at the end of their reservation period to avoid disposal.  Unreserved displays in this space will be discarded.




Display Cases

Display Cases

25Live code: MC DC(1-6)

There are three display cases with a total of 6 reservable spaces to hang posters or displays in the hallway outside the Davidson and Henning Rooms. They may be reserved for up to 2 weeks at a time.  Groups should remove their displays at the end of their reserved time to avoid disposal.  Once the display cases have been reserved, keys for them can be picked up from the Conference Services Office.






Fliers and posters may be hung on the bulletin boards only in the Memorial Center.  Fliers hung on walls, doors, or windows in the Memorial Center without permission will be removed.  Additionally, fliers and small posters may be brought to the Conference Services Office (Memorial Center 167) to be hung on bulletin boards throughout campus, including in all residence halls.  Please do not bring more than 70 posters/fliers to be hung.  Expired posters and fliers as well as those posted for more than 90 days will be taken down at the discretion of the Memorial Center staff.

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