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Balina, Marina (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures)  “Memoirs in Contemporary Post-Soviet Literature,” Le premier quinquennat de la prose russe du XXI e siecle. (2006): pgs. 181-189.

Bollivar, DW. (Biology) “Recent Advances in Chlorophyll Biosynthesis,”  Photosynthesis Research. (September 2006): 89(3): 1-22.

Bray, Bob (English) The Seven Liberal Arts Poems. (2006).
– AWARD:  The Saddlebag Award. (2006).

Brown, Jarred (Theatre emeritus) Moss Hart: A Prince of Theatre. (2006).

Cook, Kent (Music) Performed The Complete Debussy Preludes for Piano-Book I and Book II
Faculty Piano Recital.  Westbrook Auditorium, IWU (2006).
– Guest Artist Recital.  Wisconsin Music Teachers Convention.  Viterbo U
– Guest Artist Recital.  University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minn. (2006).
– Guest Artist Recital.  Gustavus Adolphus. St. Peter, Minn. (2006).
– Guest Artist Recital.  Illinois Central College. Peoria, Ill. (2006).

Drici, Zahia et al. (Mathematics) "Monotone Iterative Techniques for Periodic Boundary Value Problem with Causal Operators." Joint paper with F. McRae and J. Vasundhara Devi. Nonlinear Analysis. Vol. 64 (2006) 1271-1277.
– “Stability Results for Set Differential Equations with Causal Mpas.” Joint paper with F. McRae and J. Vasundhara Devi. Dynamic Systems and Applications. Vol. 15 (2006), pp.451-464.

Eggleston, Steve (Music) Conducted the IWCO in performances that featured our internationally renowned alumnus, Dawn Upshaw, at the new Bloomington Center for the Peforming Arts. (October 2006).

Irving Epstein (Educational Studies) Editor and principle contributor, Recapturing the Personal: Essays on Education and Embodied Knowledge in Comparative Perspective, Information Age Publishing (2006). Read more.

Ferguson, Scott J. (Music) Appointed one of two “official” translation editors from the Unites States for the journal of the main European choral organization, Europa Cantat.
– Member of an international jury, which included conductors from the Philippines, Austria, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. “The Grand Prix competition of the International Competition of University Choirs – IFAS,”  Pardubice, Czech Republic.

Ferradans, Carmela (Hispanic Studies) Editor of “Feministas Unidas,” (Spring 2006): Vol. 26.1. and (Fall 2005): Vol. 25. 2.
My Right Breast [and Other Poems].  (2006).

Folse, Victoria N. (Nursing) “Managing Quality and Risk,”  Leading and Managing in Nursing. (2007): 4th Ed. pgs. 389-406.
– “Self-Concept and Sexuality,”  Basic Nursing Essentials for Practice. (2007): 6th Ed.  pgs. 557-576.
– “Detecting Suicide Risk in Adolescents and Adults in an Emergency Department: A Pilot Study,”  Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services. (2006): 44 (3), pgs. 23-29.
– "Detecting Suicide Risk in Adolescents and Adults in an Emergency Department: A Pilot Study." Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services (Mar. 2006): 44 (3), 1-7.
– AWARD:  Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley, Inc. 2006, Dr. Margaret Burke Award for the Mental Health Educator of the Year.

Freeman, Sarah (Theatre) “Writing the History of an Alternative-Theatre Company: Mythology and the Last Years of Joint Stock.”  Theatre Survey (May 2006): 47:1.
– “Performance Review: The Importance of Being Earnest & Travesties.”  Theatre Journal (May 2006): 58:2.
– “Towards a Genealogy and Taxonomy of British Alternative Theatre,” New Theatre Quarterly. (Nov 2006): Volume XXII,  Part 4,  pp. 364-378.

French, Doran et al. (Psychology) Edited book: Child and Adolescent Peer Relationships in Cultural Context. (2006).

Fritzsche, Sonja (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures) Science Fiction Literature in East Germany, Peter Lang publishers (2006).
– “East Gremany’s Werkstatt Zukunft: Futurology and the Science Fiction Films of defafuturum,”  German Studies Review.  (May 2006): 29:2. Pgs. 367-386.

Garrett, Roger (Music) Eleven subscription and three non-subscription concerts as principal clarinetist with the Peoria Symphony Orchestra.  (Fall 2005-Spring 2006).
– Guest soloist/clinician with the Winchester Illinois Band Festival. Winchester, Ill.. (Spring 2006).
– Guest artist with the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra (Greensboro) for a performance of Mozart’s Gran Partitia. (Fall 2006).

Gillett, Carl (Philosophy) Invited to participate in the prestigious John Templeton Oxford Seminars on Science and Christianity.

Groh, Dennis E. (University Chaplain and Humanities/Archeaology) “The Road More Traveled: The Onomasticon of Eusebius.”  Biblical Archaeology Review.  (March/April 2006): pgs. 54-59. 
–  Presented the 2006 Richard A. Helm Lecture for the Stead Center for Ethics and Values at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Ill.

Harper, Given (Biology) & Frick, Jeff (Chemistry) et al.  “A Cross-Taxa Survey of Organochlorine Pesticide Contamination in a Costa Rican Wildland.”

Hatcher, Brian A.  (Religion) “Remembering Rammohan: An Essay on the (Re-)emergence of Modern Hinduism.”  (2006).
– Received a Fulbright Hays Faculty Research Abroad Fellowship through the U.S. Department of Education, and a grant from the Fulbright Council for International Exchange of Scholars Traditional Scholars Program.

He, Tian-Xiao et. al. (Mathematics)  “On the Convergence of the Summation Formulas Constructed by Using a Symbolic Operator Approach,” Computers & Mathematics with Applications. (2006): pgs. 441-450.
– “On Generalized Mobius Inversion Formulas,”  Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society. (2006): 73. pgs. 79-88.
– "Multivariate Expansion Associated with Sheffer-type Polynomials and Operators,'' (With L. C. Hsu and P. J.-S. Shiue), Bulletin Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica, New Series, 1(2006), No. 4, pp. 451-473.
–  "An Euler-Type Formula for zeta (2k+1)," (with Mike Dancs), Journal of Number Theory, 118 (2006), no. 2, 192--199.
–  "Numerical Approximation to zeta (2n+1)'' (with Mike Dancs), Journal Computational and Applied Mathematics, 196( 2006), 150-154.

Jaeckle, Will (Biology)  Awarded a National Science Foundation grant to study deep-sea invertebrates in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, in cooperation with scientists from University of Oregon and Oregon Institute of Marine Biology.  With Elizabeth (Susie) Balser (Biology), participated in an expedition to Antarctica May 11-June 13, 2006, onboard the R/V Laurence M. Gould, conducting research on marine organisms in an ongoing project sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Read Jaeckle's blog of the Antarctica expedition.

Jahiel, Abigail R. (Political Science) “China, the WTO, and the Implications for the Environment,”  Environmental Politics. (April 2006): Vol. 15, No. 2. pgs. 310-329.

Kerber, Cynthia  (Nursing) & Schlenker, EC.“Use of a Breathalyzer in a Local Bar: A Community Awareness Project,”  Journal of Nursing Education. (2006): 45(11).
– “Syllabus Selections: Innovative Learning Activities. The C.A.R.E. Case Study Method for Teaching Community Health Nursing,” Journal of Nursing Education (2006): 45(4), 144.

Lee, Seung-Hwan (Mathematics) & Lee, Eun-Joo.  “On the Extended Lack-of-Fit Tests for the Censored Regression Model,”  Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation. (September 2006): Vol. 76, No. 9.

Mazo, Vadim (Music) Music Director of “Ameropa: 13th Annual International Chamber Music Festival”  Czech Republic. (July 15 – August 16, 2006).

Pamela Muirhead (English) Guest curator for "Presence, Pride & Passion, A History of African Americans in McLean County," McLean County Museum of History in Bloomington.  The exhibit received a Superior Achievement award from the Illinois Association of Museums. Read more

Myscofski, Carole A.  (Religion) Book Review of Legacies of Liberation: The Progressive Catholic Church in Brazil by John Burdick, in Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture, December 2005.
– "Imagining Cannibals: European Encounters with Native Brazilian Women," in the journal History of Religions, Volume 47, Nos. 2 & 3 (November 2007/Feburary 2008), 142-155. Myscofski's article, based on research supported by a Senior Faculty Research Award from IWU during the Spring Semester of 2002, was included in a special festscrift edition of the journal honoring University of Chicago Professor Jonathan Z. Smith.

Nadeau, Carolyn A.  (Hispanic Studies) Critiquing the Elite in the Barataria and “Ricote” Food Episodes in Don Quixote II.  (2006).

Pelusi, Mario J. (Music) Fanfare for the Common Good:  In Celebration of the Opening of the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts (2006)
– Commissioned by the Illinois Symphony Orchestra
– Premiere given by the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Karen L. Deal [conductor].  Springfield, Ill. (September 2006).
– Performed by the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Karen L. Deal [conductor].  Bloomington, Ill. (September 2006).
A Musical Narrative for Expanded Pierrot Ensemble [A Work for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Percussion, and Piano]  (2002)
– Premiere given by the New York New Music Ensemble, James Baker [conductor].  IWU. Bloomington, Ill. (April 2006).
– New York premiere given by the New York New Music Ensemble, James Baker [conductor].  Merkin Hall. New York City. (May 2006).
Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble (2006)
– A work for percussionist Eric Hollenbeck and the Colorado State University Percussion Ensemble (to be premiered: Fall 2007).

Plath, Jim (English) “Updike, Hawthorne, and American Literary History,”  The Cambridge Companion to John Updike. (2006): pgs. 122-133.

Prandi, Julie (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures)  “Sexual Imagery in the Verse Epistles of Robert Burns and Anna Louisa Karsch,”  Comparative Literature Studies. (2006): Vol. 43. No. 1-2.

Press, Steven (Music) Prokofiev’s Ballets for Diaghilev.  (2006).

Smoak, Natalie et al.  (Psychology) “Sexual Risk Reduction Interventions do not Inadvertently Increase the Overall Frequency of Sexual Behavior: A Meta-Analysis of 174 Studies with 116, 735 Participants,”  Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. (2006): 41 (3). pgs. 374-384.

Spalding, Gabe et al. (Physics) Published:
–  “Dynamic Control of Defects in a Two-Dimensional Optically Assisted Assembly,”  New Journal of Physics.  (2006):  8, 70.
– “Optical Separation of Particles Based on a Dynamic Interferometer,”  Proceedings SPIE.  (2006):  6326.
– “Colloidal Traffic in Dynamic Optical Lattices,”  Proceedings SPIE.  (2006): 6326.
• Gave Four Invited Talks (2006):
– Gordon Research Conference on Physics Research & Education: Electricity & Magnetism
– Northwestern University. Condensed Matter Seminar
– University of Maryland, Applied Dynamics Seminar
– National Institutes of Health, Special Seminar
• Gave Three Invited Talks (2005):
– American Chemical Society Annual Meeting
– Materials Research Society Workshop on Three Dimensional Multifunctional Ceramic Composites
– Illinois State University, Physics Colloquium
• Chaired and Edited (along with Kishan Dholakia) the proceedings for the largest conference in his field:
– “Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation III,”  Proceedings SPIE. (2006): 6326.
– “Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation II,”  Proceedings SPIE.  (2005): 5930.

Charles F. Springwood (Sociology and Anthropology) Editor and principle contributor, Open Fire: Understanding Global Gun Cultures, Berg Publishers (2006). Read more.

Streeter, Thomas (Music)  “Sam Hankins: Middle School Jazz Advocate,”  Jazz Education Journal.  (April 2006): Vol. 38, #5.

Terkla, Daniel. (English) “Ocular Pilgrimages: Teaching with the Hereford Map.” Geotema 16 (Spring 2007): n.p.Entries on Marco Polo, William of Rubruck and Ludovico de Varthema for The Oxford Companion to World Exploration. Ed. David Buisseret.  New York: OUP, 2006.– “The Bayeux Tapestry: Gesturing Toward History?” Presentation at the 12th International Medieval Congress. University of Leeds, England (July 2006) Elected to Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, Multiple-Year Honoree (2006)

Thomas, Marcia. (The Ames Library) “John Wesley Powell: An Annotated Bibliography," was reviewed and honored in Best Bibliographies in History 2004-2005, by the Reference and Users Service Association. (2006) Vol. 45, No. 4. pp. 313-315. http://www.ala.org/ala

Vayo, David (Music) Climb
– Premiere given by Roger Oyster [trombonist] and Brian Prechtl [percussionist] at the Grand Teton Music Festival.  Wyoming.  (August 2006).
Seis Cosechas (Six Harvests)
– Premiere given at the National Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City.  The concert was part of the International Contemporary Music Forum “Manuel Enriquez.” (May 2006).
– The Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien, a prominent new music group from Vienna, began tour of this composition around the world as part of their “Labyrinthmaker Platform” project. 
– Performed in Italy and Cyprus. 
– Performance in Bloomington, Ill. (November 2006).

Yu, Jinqiao (Victor) (Computer Science) et al. "Workflow-Centric Distributed Collaboration in Heterogeneous Computing Environments," Computer Supported Collaboration Work in Design (CSCWD) of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) Book.

West, William (Music) Music of Charles Koechlin: William West, saxophone, flute, piano.  NOViTAS Records (2007)


Winter 2005

Balina, Marina (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures)  “Contemporary Russian Literature of the 21st Century.”  Studi Slavistici: Revista dell’ Associazione Italiana degli Slavisti, II (2005).
– “Contemporary Russian Memoir.” Le Premier Quinquennat de la Prose Russe Du XXI Siecle (2005).
– BOOK REVIEWS:  published in Slavic Review (64:4) & Slavic and East European Journal (42:2).

Bollivar, David et. al. (Biology)  “Rhodobacter Capsulatusporphobilinogen Synthase, A High Activity Metal Ion Independent Hexamer.”  BMC Biochemistry (22 Nov 2004), 5:17. Available Online: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2091/5/17

Bray, Bob (English) Peter Cartwright: Legendary Frontier Preacher. (2005).

Callahan, Christopher (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures)  & Rosenberg, Samuel N. 
Les Chansons de Colin Muset: Traduites en frencais moderne.  (2005) Paris, France: Honoré Champion Éditeur.Editees par Callahan, Christopher & Rosenberg, Samuel N. 
Les Chansons de Colin Muset: Textes et mélodies. (2005)  Paris, France: Honoré Champion Éditeur.

Dancs, Mike & He, Tian-Xiao (Mathematics).  “Numerical Approximation to Zeta (2n+1).”  The Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 196( 2006), 150-154.

Drici, Zahia et al. (Mathematics)  "Set Differential Equations with Causal Operators." Joint paper with F. McRae and J. Vasundhara Devi.  Mathematical Problems in Engineering. Vol. 2005:2, (2005), pp. 185-194.
– "Differential Equations with Causal Operators in a Banach Space" Joint paper with F. McRae and J. Vasundhara Devi. Nonlinear Analysis, Vol. 62, (2005), pp. 301-313.

Ferradans, Carmela (Hispanic Studies).  Editor of Feministas Unidas: A Coalition of Feminist Scholars in Spanish, Spanish-American, Luso-Brazilian, Afro-Latin American,And U.S. Latina/o Studies.  (Fall 2005): Vol. 25.2.

French, Linda, et. al. (Physics) “Physical Characteristics of Comet Nucleus C/2001  OG108 (LONEOS).”  published in Icarus.  (Dec. 6, 2005).

Fritzsche, Sonja (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures)   Invited to write an introductory essay, “East German Science Fiction Literature” on GDR science fiction for the DVD, In the Dust of the Stars.  (featured as an “Extra” on the back of the DVD).

Gearhart, Rebecca (Sociology and Anthropology) “Ngoma Memories: How Ritual Music and Dance Shaped the Northern Kenya Coast.”  African Studies Review.  (Dec. 2005): Vol. 48, #3.
– Available online:  http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/african_studies_review/v048/48.3gearhart.html

Harper, Given (Biology) “Old Culprit Hits Birds - Maybe People.”  an article focusing on the research given by Given Harper.  written by Mark Clayton, staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor.  available online:  http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/0414/p14s02-sten.html

He, Tian-Xiao et. al. (Mathematics) “On an Extension of Abel-Gontscharoff’s Expansion Formula,” Analysis in Theory and Applications. (2005), 21:4  pgs. 359-369.

Hoyt, Frederick (Business Administration), together with a group of IWU students, assisted the Center for Counseling and Healing Arts with their marketing needs.
– Served as the 2004-2005 Faculty Advisor of the American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter at Illinois Welseyan Univeristy.
– Ended his position as the President of Marketing Management Association President in March, 2005.

Isabelli, Christina et. al. (Hispanic Studies) “The Benefits of Asynchronous Computer Mediated Communication in Enhancing Cultural Acquisition.”  The Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning.  (2005).

Kerber, Cindy Sullivan, et. al. (Nursing) .  “Comparing the Geriatric Depression Scale, Minimum Data Set, and Primary Care Provider Diagnosis for Depression in Rural Nursing Home Residents.”  Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. (2005): Volume 11, No. 5. pgs.269-275.
– “Problem and Pathological Gambling Among College Athletes,”  Annals of Clinical Psychiatry. (2005): 17(4): pgs. 243-247.

Matthews, James (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures)   Accepted by the Scientific Committee after giving the abstract of a paper for the VIII Conference “European Culture”.  Available online: http://www.unav.es/cee/viiicongre/profesionalestitulo.html

Nadeau, Carolyn A. (Hispanic Studies) “Spanish Culinary History in Cervantes’ ‘Bodas de Camacho’”  Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispanicos. (2005): 29.2.

Nelson, Lisa & Gordan, Nina (Music) Recognized as distinguished faculty in the International Chamber Music Festival & Course International Solo Masterclasses, Czech Republic. published in Ameropha (2005).

Parra, Mauricio (Hispanic Studies) “Regarding Violence,”  Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture. (Fall 2003): 25.3.

Spalding, Gabe et al. (Physics)“Extended-area Optically Induced Organization of Microparticles Above a Surface,”  Applied Physics Letters.  (2005): 86, 031106.
– “Optically Anistropic Colloids of Controllable Shape,” Advanced Materials. (2005): 17 (6), 680.
– “Sorting in an Optical Lattice,”  Photonic Devices and Algorithms for Computing VII.  Proceedings SPIE.  (2005): 5907, 59070 E.
– “Near-field Optical Manipulation by Using Evanescent Waves and Surface Plasmon Polaritons,”  Proceedings SPIE.  (2005): 5930, 59301B.

Springwood, Charles (Sociology and Anthropology) “Playing Football, Playing Indian: A History of the Native Americans Who Were the NFL’s Oorang Indians.”  published in Native Athletes in Sport and Society.  (King, C.R.  University of Nebraska Press, 2005). pgs. 123-142.
– ‘Playing Indian’: Why Native American Mascots Must End.”  published in Race and Ethnicity in Society: The Changing Landscape (Higginbotham and Anderson, 2005) pgs. 115-119.
– “Imagined Indians, Social Identities, and Activism.” published in The World is a Text: Writing, Reading, and Thinking About Culture and Its Contexts, [2nd Edition].  (Silverman, Jonathan & Rader, Dean   Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2005)  pgs. 291-298.

Stout, L.N. (Mathematics) "Upsetting the Foundations of Mathematics," Philosophia Scientiae, 9-5, (2005) p.5-21.

Sullivan, Kevin P. & Wilfong, T.G. (Religion) “The Reply of Jesus to King Abgar: A Coptic New Testament Apocryphon Reconsidered,”  Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists. (2005): 42. pgs. 107-123.

Sultan, Nancy (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures) Arts and Humanities Through the Eras: Ancient Greece and Rome  1200 B.C.E. – 476 C.E.  (2004).

Terkla, Daniel (English) Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (2005)
– NEH Summer Seminar: “The Bayeux Tapestry and the Anglo-Norman World.” Yale University.  Directed by R. Howard Bloch, Sterling Professor of French (June-August 2005)


Fall 2005

An article entitled "Troubled Lives: The Legacy of Childhood in Soviet Literature" by  Marina Balina (MCLL) has appeared in a special forum issue of the Slavic and East European Journal (vol. 49, pp. 249-265, 2005).  The forum, on "Russian Children's Literature: Changing Paradigms" was organized by Marina and Larissa Rudova of Pomona College.  The two organizers also contributed an Introduction (pp. 186-198) to the volume.

Jeffrey Frick (Chemistry) has published "Diastereo- and Enantioselective Synthesis of 2-substituted 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylic Acids.  Application to the Synthesis of Protected 2,3-Methano Analogs of Ornithine and Glutamic Acid," along with co-authors John B. Klassen and Henry Rapoport (from UCal Berkeley) in the journal Synthesis (vol 11, pp. 1751-1756, 2005).

Rebecca Gearhart (Anthropology) has published "Taking American Race Relations on the Road...to Africa" in African Studies Quarterly, The Online Journal for African Studies. (URL: http://www.africa.ufl.edu/asq/).  Rebecca reports "By highlighting journal excerpts of African-American student participants, who traveled with me to Kenya in 2001, the piece provides insight into the unique experiences African Americans often have in Africa because of their exposure to the particular way in which race works itself out in the U.S."

An article entitled "The Politics of Race and Patriarchy in Claire-Solange, ame africaine by Suzanne Lacascade" and composed by Valérie Orlando (MCLL) has appeared in the journal Studies in Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Literature (vol. 29, pp. 118-134, 2005). 

Along with Maday S. Tovar from Tovar and Associates in Bloomington, Tim Query (Business) has published "Fulfilling Entrepreneurial Curriculum Needs in Rural Communities" in the Community College Journal of Research and Practice, (vol. 29, pp. 471-481, 2005).  The study examined the business curriculum of schools in the "third largest community college system in the nation," namely, that of Illinois.  Tim has also recently published "An Economic Assessment Model of Pension Reform Transferability: The Case of Venezuela" along with co-author Evaristo Diz (Simon Bolivar University) in Pensionsi (vol. 10, pp. 167-179, 2005).

The new edition (volume 2) of Polling America: An Encyclopedia of Public Opinion (S. J. Best and B. Radcliff, Eds., Greenwood Press, 927 pp., 2005) contains an entry by  Greg Shaw (Political Science) and Robert Y. Shapiro entitled "Welfare" (pp. 880-892). 

Elizabeth (Susie) Balser (Biology) was interviewed for the BBC program, Nature, during a recent expedition aboard the research vessel, New Horizon. Balser along with Will Jaeckle, assistant professor of biology, and Amy Slott, a junior biology major, participated in the 10-day expedition off the California coast. Scientists from the United States, Great Britain, and Germany were conducting various projects on board the research vessel. In the interview, Balser discusses her work on the larvae of starfish with BBC correspondent John Ruthven. Read the BBC Nature story.

Kira Hudson Banks (Psychology) won Honorable Mention in the 2005 Jeffrey S. Tanaka Memorial Dissertation Award competition for her dissertation entitled "Racial Identity and the Association Between Racial Discrimination and Depressive Symptoms." The Tanaka Award is sponsored by the American Psychological Association's Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs. The award is intended to honor outstanding dissertations that address "concerns relevant to populations of color." She received a plaque and an offer to pay her registration fee at the 2005 APA Convention in Washington, DC.

An article entitled "Reading the Gospel of Thomas as a Repository of Early Christian Communal Memory" by April DeConick (Religion) has appeared in Memory, Tradition, and Text––Uses of the Past in Early Christianity (Alan Kirk and Tom Thatcher, Eds., 2005, Memory, Tradition, and Text No. 25, pp. 207-220).

In collaboration with three former Illinois Wesleyan students––J. Denoma, K. McDonald, and A. Lawton––who had participated in a summer research experience in Indonesia funded by the Freeman Foundation, Doran French (Psychology) has recently published "Reported Peer Conflicts of Children in the United States and Indonesia." in the journal Social Development (D. C. French, S. Pidada, J. Denoma, K. McDonald, and A. Lawton, 2005, vol. 14, pp. 458-472).

Brian Hatcher (Religion) has published two entries in the second edition of Gale/Macmillan's Encyclopedia of Religion: "Vivekananda" and "Ramakrishna," which are two major figures in the construction of modern Hinduism. Hatcher’s entries in the second edition are revisions and substantial expansions for two entries by him which initially appeared in the first edition of the encyclopedia in 1988. Hatcher has also published "What's Become of the Pandit? Rethinking the History of Sanskrit Scholars in Colonial Bengal" which appeared in the journal Modern Asian Studies (2005, vol. 39, pp. 683-723).

Tian-Xiao He (Mathematics) has published two articles and a book chapter recently. "A Symbolic Operator Approach to Several Summation Formulas for Power Series" appeared in the Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (T.X. He, L.C. Hsu, P.J.-S. Shiue, and D.C. Torney, 2005, vol. 177, pp. 17-33). A second paper appeared in The College Mathematics Journal (T.X. He, Z. Sinkala, and X. Zha, 2005, vol. 36, pp. 199-204). Chapter 6 in Advances in Mathematics Research (2005, vol. 6, pp. 165-188) is entitled "MRA Frame Wavelets with Certain Regularities Associated with the Refinable Generators of Shift Invariant Spaces" and is solely authored by He.

Nancy Sultan (MCLL & Greek and Roman Studies) is the author of "Should the Elgin Marbles Be Returned to Greece?"in History in Dispute: Classical Antiquity and Classical Studies (2005, vol. 20, pp. 97-105).

An article entitled "Inessential Features, Ineliminable Features, and Modal Logics for Model Theoretic Syntax" has been published by Hans-Jörg Tiede (Computer Science) in the Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Formal Grammar and the 9th Meeting on Mathematics of Language held in Edinburgh, Scotland (2005, pp. 1-12).

Acting Head Librarian Kristin Vogel has been accepted on the Fulbright Senior Specialist Roster for the next five years. Serving in this capacity, she will evaluate proposals from U.S. faculty and professionals to the Fulbright Senior Specialist Program. According to the website for this program, applicants "recommended by specialist peer review committees and approved by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board become candidates for Fulbright Senior Specialist projects...Fulbright Senior Specialist projects are designed to provide U.S. faculty and professionals with opportunities to collaborate with professional counterparts at non-U.S. post-secondary academic institutions on curriculum and faculty development, institutional planning and a variety of other activities." (Quotation copied from http://www.cies.org/specialists/#roster)

Jinqiao (Victor) Yu (Computer Science) has a research paper, “TRINETR: An Architecture for Collaborative Intrusion Detection and Knowledge-Based Alert Evaluation," to appear in the International Journal of Advanced Engineering Informatics, published by Elsevier Science. In addition, Yu and Jacob Kronika (a 2005 computer science graduate) have contributed a paper, “IP Traceback: Determining Network Attack Sources," to the 3rd NATO Scientific Conference, Security and Protection of Information (SPI) 2005. Jinqiao (Victor) Yu has had several other peer-reviewed papers appear in research conferences this summer.

Spring 2005

An essay by Raymond G. Wilson (Physics, Emeritus) is published in the second edition of All Things Nuclear by James C. Warf of the University of Southern California. Wilson's essay is entitled "A New Way of Thinking About Achieving and Preserving Peace." The book, published by Figueroa Press, is "a sourcebook of significant information for motivated nonprofessionals on everything concerning atomic nuclei, both peaceful and military. It is of interest to all who are concerned with atomic weapons and peacetime applications of nuclear science."

A new book entitled Teaching Black Girls: Resiliency in Urban Classrooms has been published by Venus Evans-Winters (Educational Studies) by Peter Lang Publishers. The book, part of a series, Counterpoints: Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education, is called "the first book to directly focus on the pedagogical and educational needs of poor and working-class African American female students."

Abigail Jahiel (Political Science) and Given Harper (Biology) co-authored "The Green Task Force: facing the challenges to environmental stewardship at a small liberal arts college" in the Strategies for Sustainability: Stories from the Ivory Tower, published by MIT Press.

A new play by Sandra Lindberg (Theatre Arts), “A Breach in Autumn,” was presented as a “concert reading” at the Judith Shakespeare Co. in New York City in February.

Ram Mohan (Chemistry) and student co-authors have published “Bismuth Compounds in Organic Synthesis. A One-Pot Synthesis of Homoallyl Ethers and Homoallyl Acetates from Aldehydes Catalyzed by Bismuth Triflate,” in the Journal of Organic Chemistry and a chapter, “Use of Ionic Liquids in Organic Synthesis,” in the prestigious American Chemical Society Symposium Series.

Christopher Prendergast (Sociology and Anthropology) is the author of an article, "The typical outline of an ethnographic research publication," in the journal Teaching Sociology and a book review, "Schultz's reflections on the social relationship between the author and beholder of literary works," in Human Studies.

Tim Query (Business Administration), in collaboration with both former Illinois Wesleyan students and colleagues, has published a series of articles: “Making Investment Decisions Based on Prior Merger and Acquisition Performance in the Preannouncement Period,” in Proceedings of the Academy of Finance; “Shareholder Wealth Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions,” in Working Money; “Risk Management of Sexual Harassment,” in Risk Management; and a book chapter, “Is the Latin American Pension Reform Model Transferable? An Assessment Utilizing the Venezuelan Social Security System,” in Latin American Financial Markets: Developments in Financial Innovations.

Greg Shaw (Political Science) has an article, “False Consensus: Public (Mis)Estimation of Public Opinion,” in a new online journal of public opinion research, Public Opinion Pros as well as a book review of Navigating Public Opinion: Polls, Policy, and the Future of American Democracy in Political Studies Review.

Doran French (Psychology) and colleagues at Arizona State University and Padjadjaran University in Bandung, Indonesia, have been awarded a $96,500 grant from the Fetzer Foundation. The grant is titled, "Indonesian Adolescents: Caring and Caring Relationships" and explores friendships that cross some of the fault lines of Indonesian society, for example friendships between Christians and Muslims and between Javanese/Sundanese and Chinese. The grant, which will be administered by Arizona State University, will be for a one-year period beginning in January 2005.

Linda French (Physics) is among authors from both the United States and Japan who published "Physical Characteristics of Hayabusa target Asteroid 25143 Itokawa," which appeared in the January 2005 edition of journal Icarus. The article describes the small diameter, near-Earth object. French observed the asteroid at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona.

Sonja Fritzsche (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures) is the author of an article, “Reconceptualizing East German Popular Literature via the Science Fiction Niche,” which appeared in the fall issue of The German Quarterly, one of the top journals in German Studies and the literary journal of the American Association of Teachers of German.

Tian-Xiao He (Mathematics) has published two recent journal articles-“Biothogonal Spline Type Wavelets,” in Computers and Mathematics with Applications and “A Symbolic Operator Approach to Several Summation Formulas for Power Series” (co-authored with three others) in Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics.

Njeri Mbugua (Sociology) has published her novel, Joki:When Elephants Fight, the Grass Suffers, set primarily in her native Kenya and intended to introduce readers to a very different side of African society than the one we usually see in journalistic works.

Greg Shaw (political science) authored a substantial entry on “Federalism and Social Welfare Policy (United States),” in the Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America.

Winter 2004

Christina Isabelli Garcia (Hispanic Studies) is the author of A Case Study of the Factors in the Development of Spanish Linguistic Accuracy and Oral Communication Skills: Motivation and Extended Interaction in the Study Abroad Context published by The Edwin Mellen Press.

Valerie Orlando (Hispanic studies) critically examined filmmaker Moussa Sene Absa's 1996 film Tableau Ferraille in a paper entitled "African feminine transformative consciousness in francophone cinema: Moussa Sene Absa's Tableau Ferraille (1996)," in African Identities (vol. 2, pp. 189-202, 2004). In addition, she also published "The visual turn: classical film theory and art history" in the Quarterly Review of Film and Video (vol. 21, pp. 356-361, 2004).

Gabe Spalding (Physics) has published a paper entitled "Alloptical sorting" in the journal Optics & Photonics News (vol. 15, p. 23, 2004).

Fall 2004

An article by Carmela Ferradáns (Hispanic Studies), "Reflections on a Woman’s Eye: Ana Rossetti on the Wrappings of Desire," appears in the recently published volume, P/Herversions: Critical Studies of Ana Rossetti, published by Bucknell University Press.

Tim Query (Business Administration) is co-author of an article managed health care programs in the Winter 2004 issue of Hospital Topics: Research and Perspectives on Healthcare. With Patricia H. Born of California State University, Northridge, Query examined complaints against HMOs for the article entitled "Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) Performance and Consumer Complaints: An Empirical Study of Frustrating HMO Activities." He also has published "An update on public policy changes impacting long-term care" online in the Journal of Financial Planning's "Between the Issues" (December 1, 2004).

Brian Hatcher (Religion) is the author of a chapter on "Contemporary Hindu Thought" in Contemporary Hinduism: Ritual, Culture, and Practice from ABCCLIO Press.

Tatah Mentan (Political Science) is the author of Dilemmas of Weak States: Africa and Transnational Terrorism in the 21st Century, which is part of the Ashgate Series on "Contemporary Perspectives on Developing Societies."

Ram Mohan (Chemistry) has published "Environment-friendly organic synthesis using bismuth compounds: Bismuth triflcate catalyzed synthesis of substituted 3, 4-dihydro-2H-1-benzopyrans" in Tetrahedron Letters.

Chris Prendergast (Sociology) has three contributions to the Encyclopedia of Social Theory — an essay in Volume 1 entitled "Levels of Social Structure," and in Volume 2, articles on "Alfred Schütz" and "Social Capital."

Greg Shaw (Political Science) is co-author with Sarah E. Mysiewicz, a junior from Chicago, of "Trends: Social Security and Medicare in Public Opinion Quarterly. A second essay by Shaw, "Living, Learning and Teaching Anti-Poverty Policies," is published in PS: Political Science and Politics. In addition, his extensive entry on "Framing Questions" appears in Public Opinion and Polling Around the World: A Historical Encyclopedia, Volume 1.

Gabe Spalding (Physics) is co-editor of a new book, Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation, Proceedings SPIE 5514, published by The International Society for Optical Engineering.

An exhibition of paintings by Miles Bair (School of Art) is on display in the McLean County Arts Center through October 16. According to the MCAC Web site, Bair combines "his commitment to art-making with an intense interest in Japanese art and culture" and explores "all that the painting medium allows." Examples of the exhibiton are available at the MCAC Web site.

For the third consecutive year, Robert Kearney (Business Administration) presented one of the top two papers and received a Distinguished Proceedings Paper Award at the Academy of Legal Studies in Business' annual conference in Ottawa, Ontario. His paper was entitled, "The 'Deliberately Indifferent' Employer: Sexual Harassment Law in Its Maturity." Also for the third consecutive year, Kearney was invited by the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago to present an Employment Law Briefing and lecture on "How to Handle Employment Law Appeals." He presented to both senior and incoming staff attorneys at the court.

The fifth edition of Managing Financial Institutions by Mona Gardner (Business Administration) (with Dixie L. Mills and Elizabeth Cooperman) has been released by Thomson-Southwestern Press.

Tian-Xiao He (Mathematics) has published two papers recently. One is entitled ``On Multivariate Abel-Gontscharoff Interpolation,'' which appeared in Advances in Constructive Approximation. This volume is the proceedings of the international conference, Advances in Constructive Approximation.  He's second paper is "Dimension-reducing expansion, boundary type quadrature formulas, and the boundary element method,'' which appeared in Advances in Boundary Element Techniques V. This paper was published, as a new formulation and computational algorithm, in the proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Boundary Element Techniques, held in Lisbon, Portugal, during July 2004.  He has also been selected to join the editorial staff of the Journal of Applied Functional Analysis.

David Fryer's (Religion) new book, The Intervention of the Other, was published in May 2004, by Other Press. It is a comparative analysis of Jacques Lacan and Emmanuel Levinas, based on Fryer's original understandings of the possibilities of dialogue between the two.

Cesar Valverde’s (Hispanic Studies) article, "Failed Manhood, Failed History: Masculinity and Agency in Melville’s ‘Benito Cereno’ and Carpentier’s ‘The Kingdom of this World,’" was recently published in Phoebe: Journal of Feminist Scholarship. Valverde also contributed the translation of the introduction of Carlos Fuentes’s novel Terra Nostra, which has just come out from the Dalkey Archive Press.

Tim Query (Business Administration) has two co-authored articles currently appearing — the first in CPCU eJournal is "Sexual Harassment Litigation: Risk Management Implications." The second appeared in The Baker Chair Journal of Insurance, Risk and Public Risk Management and is entitled "Determinants of Life Insurance Demand at the Provincial Level in China."

Sonja Fritzsche (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures) won the Arthur O. Lewis Award from the Society for Utopian Studies for the best paper presented by an untenured faculty member at their annual conference. Fritzsche’s paper was entitled "Utopia, Dystopia, and Ostalgia: The Pre- and Post-Unification Visions of East German Science Fiction Writer Alexander Kröger."

A number of David Vayo's (Music) compositions have been performed recently around this country and the world. On April 15, 2004, Vayo's composition Mosaics and Webs, commissioned by the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors, was premiered at that organization's annual conference in Minneapolis. The performers were faculty and students from Ball State University. On April 29, the Sound One festival at the University of Illinois included the world premiere of his composition Three for Two, a set of pieces for two clarinets. His percussion composition Border Crossing was used as the soundtrack to a dance composition by Laurie Cameron of Pomona College, which was performed a number of times in late April and early May at Pomona and at the Festival of Solos and Duets at the Fountain Theater in Los Angeles. His work Play of Hands was performed on July 13 in Tokyo by harpsichordist Michiyo Honma. And his Prayer: In Memoriam Olivier Messiaen was performed by organist David Hatt in a July 18 concert at St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco. Vayo was the recipient in August of an award from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) for the 17th year in a row.

Brian Hatcher (Religion) presented three papers at the 2004 North American Bengali Conference in Baltimore, Md., this summer and was also the recipient of a Distinguished Service Award from the Cultural Association of Bengal for his research on colonial Bengal. The magazine published by the conference also featured Hatcher's translation of a Bengali short story, "Dark Glasses."

Dan Terkla (English) presented a session titled "Reading, Hearing (and so Having) the Mappamundi: Thoughts on Praxis," at the International Medieval Congress held at The University of Leeds, England, in July. Terkla also organized a session on "The New Nature of Cartography" at the Congress. In addition, Terkla's article on the Hereford map: "The Original Placement of the Hereford Map" appeared in Imago Mundi: The International Journal of the History of Cartography (56.2 (July 2004):1-21). He has also served as a consultant and contributor to the Curricular Resources Library (cURL), hosted by Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn. The cURL database presents detailed, annotated references to current websites in wide-ranging aspects of European Intellectual History from ancient Greece to the Enlightenment through Postmodernism.

Charlotte Brown (Philosophy) presented a paper, "Hume on Passions and Powers," at the 31st annual Hume Society Conference held in Tokyo in August. She also chaired a session on "Hume and Kant on the Motives of Our Duties to Others."

Ted Morris (Philosophy) presented a paper, "Another Look at Hume’s Doctrine of Necessity," at the 31st annual Hume Society Conference held in Tokyo in August. Morris chaired a session on "The ‘Uncommon’ Road of a Subtle and Refined Thinker: Causal Reasoning in Hume’s Political Economy."

Vicki Magee (Educational Studies and Psychology) presented a paper, "The Poetics of Written Communication: DeBold and Gilligan's Self-Poem as an Analytic Tool," at the International Communicology Institute's 2004 Summer Symposium held at Bemedji State University.

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