Pre-recorded Presentations - John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference

Pre-recorded presentations are available to view throughout the entirety of the conference.
(For students in groups, they are in order based on their submission)


Christopher James Callahan “Christopher Callahan Music Composition: Three Preludes”

Katherine Cavender “Teacher-Student Relationship Building During Remote Learning”

Gisela Cervantes “Building Positive Relationships”

Viana Chau “Linguistic Relativity: Language and Cognition of Chinese-English Bilinguals”

David S. Claiborne “Challenges and Benefits of attending a Alternative School”

Kathleen T Connelly “Building Relationships On and Off the Screen”

Page A Dickison “Effects of Student Check-Ins”

Brooke M. Dominski “Effects of Acute Ethanol Exposure on Learning in Zebrafish”

Hannah Foley “The Impact of Brain Breaks on Student Engagement in the Elementary Classroom”

Caleb Hansen “The Penalty of Late Work on Student Motivation”

Hannah E Heraty ”Effective Practices in Gifted Education”

Keagan James “What is the Relationship Between US ODA Disbursement Patterns and Corruption in Recipient Countries?”

Lakshmi S Jayam “Effects of Alcohol on the Skeletal Development of the Chicken Embryo”

Bhavin Koirala “Constructing Order-2 Carmichael Numbers with non-rigid factors”

Danielle Rose Lagone “Current Events and Student Engagement”

Sean Ly “Do I belong here? A qualitative examination of experiences that students of color face at a Predominately White Institution.” 

Grace E McAvoy “Let’s Vote on It: How Implementing Student Choice in Curriculum Affects Classroom Engagement”

Jessica D McCall “Content Enrichment through Differentiated Instruction in the English Classroom”

Micheal J McGarrity “Crossing the Subjects: History and Writing in the Classroom”

Maura A. McNamara “Addressing LGBTQ+ academic struggles”

Caitlin Meyer “Creating a Classroom Community Using Virtual Morning Meetings”

Jake T Moran “Teaching Mathematics Online”

Samantha J Munroe “Student Motivation and Online Learning: How do we do it?”

Venkat Manish Pathuri, Anjali Patel “The Effects of DON on Scleral Ossicle Development”

Sydney Pinder “Experiences of the Disability Community During the Pandemic: Perspectives of Special Opportunities Available in Recreation (SOAR) Families”

Richa Sapkota “Ultra-low field switching in a dipolar-coupled pair of magnetic nano-spheres, and related geometries, using Mumax-3”

Ethan K Schuller “The Fool's Journey, 1st movement - "The Magician"”

Aditi Sharma “Separating the effects of seawater viscosity and temperature on the feeding rates of the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis.”

Maggie C Stucko, Anusha Bhojanam, Michelle Lu, Garrit Stenerson “Pickles13: A Dill-Lightful Bacteriophage Discovery”

Lizette A. Toto “The Corner Office: Where Function Meets Playful in a Sustainable Home Workspace”

Nymisha Velugubantla “Dissolved Organic Material Absorption and Distribution by Sea Star Larvae (Asteroidea)”

Rebecca Wagner “Relationship Building in the Middle School Classroom”

Amanda M Wilson, Josephine Aldrich, Riley Grandsart “Illinois Wesleyan's Welcome Phage Annotation”

Rosa Zhaleh “Digital Divide: Low-Income Students and Online Learning”