Minor in Religious Diversity

The Minor in Religious Diversity is designed for students seeking an academic foundation in religious literacy to better understand and appreciate religions in the twenty-first century. 

Courses investigate how pluralism and diversity may be accomplished in different settings, and provide in-depth studies of individual or linked religious traditions.

Minor Sequence in Religious Diversity

A minimum of 5 course units and a minimum of two course units in upper division courses, in the following areas.

(Please see the courses page for information on each course.)

1. Foundations of Religious Diversity
At least 2 courses selected from among the following:
REL 110 Religions of the World (CSI, G)
REL 131 Chinese Religions (CHC, G)
REL 232 Hindus and Christians (IT, G)
REL 242 Philosophers Read the Bible (IT, W)
REL 337 Encountering Religious Diversity (CSI, G)
REL 341 Religious Tolerance and Pluralism (AV)

2. Diversity in Religions
At least 3 courses focused on 3 different religious traditions, selected from 3 different categories (I-VII):

I. Buddhism
REL 135 Zen (CHC)
REL 331 Buddhism in East Asia (IT)
REL 335 Reading Buddhist Texts (LIT, W)

II. Christianity
REL 170 African American Religions (CHC, U)
REL 221 The World of Jesus (CHC, W)
REL 294 Jesus and the Gospels (IT)

III. Hinduism
REL 332 The Hindu Religious Tradition (CHC, G)

IV. Islam
REL 133 Islam in the Modern World (CHC, G)
REL 333 Islam from Mecca to Malcolm X (CHC, G)

V. Judaism
REL 322 Judaism and Christianity in the Greco-Roman World (CHC)
REL 342 Judaism through the Ages (IT, W)
REL 343 American Jewish Thought (IT)

VI. Native American Religions
REL 204 Native American and African Religions (CSI, G, W)

VII. New Religions
REL 307 Voodoo, Santera, and Candombl (CSI, G)
REL 310 Cults in America (CSI, U)