Internship Requirements

  1. All interns in the Religion department are required to write a paper at the beginning of the internship; that paper will summarize the background and history of the sponsoring organization [including its religious affiliation] and the objectives to be achieved through the internship. Explicit connections to learning about religion are to be part of this assessment.

  2. Upon completion of the internship, you will submit a report analyzing the experience in terms of your expectations (contained in the earlier paper) and of the appropriate dimension of religious studies.

  3. You will be expected to meet regularly with your advisor, and may have additional requirements set by your advisor or the department.

All interns must work a total of 140 hours during the Internship. During the Fall and Spring semesters, the work should not exceed 15 hours per week. While routine activities may be part of your internship--as they are part of all jobs--such tasks may not be more than 30% of your work load.