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For students entering IWU in fall 2021 and beyond, Religious Studies is no longer available as a major or minor.

A Solid Foundation

The Religion Department views religion as a significant dimension of all human cultures, past and present. The academic study of religion offers an interdisciplinary approach to the ways in which human thought, values and ceremonies, literature, architecture, art, community and politics are woven into a cultural religious fabric. Our courses explore the religious traditions of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Europe. We expect students to engage in critical and constructive thinking, to develop their reading, writing and speaking skills, and to expand their aesthetic awareness.

Opportunities to Explore

Spiritual Organizations

A number of student organizations focused around religion and sprituality are active on campus.


Internships offer a unique learning experience outside the usual academic setting. Normally undertaken with business, public service and church-affiliated organizations, it may be paid or unpaid.


Research Honors provides you with the opportunity to pursue a project of original research in religion.