Honors Planning

We recommend that senior Religion majors begin their honors projects with their Senior Research Project, undertaken as Religion 460 in the fall term of their senior year. Once that research project has been successfully completed, the Research Honors Proposal extends that completed work in a significant and meaningful way, beyond the scope of the original project. It is expected, then, that the completed Honors Paper will represent the very best student work that might be accomplished over a year: an innovative, insightful, creative, and thorough accomplishment worthy of University Honors.

You may elect to do a second independent study course in connection with your project during the term in which you extend your Senior Research Project by registering for Religion 461, "Advanced Senior Research Project." Typically, this will occur during the spring semester of your senior year. That course is taken for one unit of credit, and you will receive a grade for the work done from your advisor; your committee will determine at the hearing whether you receive IWU honors for your project.