• Nawaraj Chaulagain

    Assistant Professor of Religion

    (South Asian Religious Traditions; Comparative Religions; Religion and Modernity; Yoga and Meditation; Theory and Method in the Study of Religions; Ritual Theory and Ritual Practice; Religion and Literature in South Asia)

    Contact: (309) 556-3160 — nchaulag@iwu.edu

  • Robert Erlewine

    Associate Professor of Religion

    (Modern Jewish thought; philosophy of religion (especially History of Philosophy),Judaism, continental philosophy)

    Contact: (309) 556-3138 — rerlewin@iwu.edu

  • Tao Jin

    Associate Professor of Religion

    (Buddhist philosophy of mind, the Awakening of Faith in Mahāyāna (or Qixinlun),Buddhist commentarial literature, and theory and practice of Buddhist exegesis)

    Contact: (309) 556-3342 — tjin@iwu.edu

  • Carole Myscofski

    McFee Professor of Religion

    (Latin American Religions (especially women in colonial Brazilian religionsand Afro-Brazilian religions), magic and ritual theory, new religions,and the end of the world)

    Contact: (309) 556-3177 — myscofsk@iwu.edu

  • Kevin Sullivan

    Associate Professor and Chair of Religion

    (New testament and Christian origins, late second temple Judaism,apocryphal and pseudepigraphal texts, and Christian history to Nicaea)

    Contact: (309) 556-3886 — ksulliva@iwu.edu