Goals for the Major

In response to IWU curricular planning and assessment and our own curricular changes, the faculty of the Religion Department regularly discuss the structure and content of our undergraduate major.  We have agreed that the requirements of the major should reflect the best practices of our fields—in history of religions, biblical and textual studies, and philosophy of religion—and provide the best possible breadth and depth in religious studies.

  1. Content Knowledge
    Students will develop an in-depth understanding of the culture and history of at least two religious traditions, as well as an awareness of the most significant themes in comparative religious studies
  2. Methodology
    Students will be able to demonstrate a high degree of fluency with the critical methods used in studying religion.
  3. Research and Critical Thinking Skills
    Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to perform in-depth research in a selected topic in Religion and to think critically about the data collected.
  4. Conceptual Understanding and Empathy
    Students will understand the concept of “religion” and the difficulty in its definition and study.  In addition, students will understand and empathize with diverse world religious traditions.

For more information, please contact the Religion Department chair,Robert Erlewine