You have no doubt recognized from the title – “First Year Advisor” – that you probably will have a different academic advisor starting in your second year.

When you meet with your First-Year advisor to discuss classes for next fall one of the other topics you will be discussing will concern majors and future plans.  In order to assist us in assigning a major advisor who can help you in this regard you will be asked to indicate your interest in one of the majors offered at IWU.  Alternately, you may elect “undecided” and a non-major advisor will be assigned.

At the link below is a listing of all of the majors currently offered and the degrees associated with them.  You will note that not every major is offered under every degree.  You should also be aware that requirements for both majors and degrees vary considerably in many instances.  There are no differences, however, in general education requirements between the BA and BS degree.  Likewise, the requirements for any one major under the BS are the same for that major under the BA.  The University Catalog lists the specific requirements for each degree and major.

Please be assured that this is not a binding commitment on your part.  You may elect a different major at any time by following the procedures outlined on the “Declaration of Major” form available at the Office of the Registrar.

Please do NOT return this form to the Registrar’s Office indicating your intended major.  You must do this during your meeting with your First Year Advisor.  They will give us the information concerning your intended major.

Majors Form