About the Department

Filmmaker Sarah Weinstein '96 explains the value of her psychology major in her documentary work.

Psychology is the study of the human and animal mind, thought processes, and behavior. Students study psychological theory, use observational methods to gain insight into cognition and behavior in various contexts, and conduct behavioral and clinical research.

Travel and research: In the " Ape Sapiens May Term Course " students build enrichment tools to provide the apes with cognitive stimulation, at the Louisville Zoo and the Primate Sanctuary. Taught by Professor Ellen Furlong and Jack Furlong of the Philosophy Department at Transylvania University.

Psychology majors often go on to graduate or professional school or put their knowledge to use in business, education, or a number of different careers.

Illinois Wesleyan's Psychology Department has a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching and to basic and applied research.

Our faculty's involvement in research assures that advances in the field are incorporated in classroom instruction.

Many students collaborate with faculty members to conduct research that is published in scientific journals and presented at professional conferences.

In addition, psychology majors gain “hands-on” experience in the field with a practicum or internship.