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A Solid Foundation

Psychology is the study of the human and animal mind, thought processes and behavior. Psychology majors at Illinois Wesleyan study psychological theory, use observational methods, and conduct scientific research to gain insights into cognition and behavior in various contexts. Many students collaborate with faculty members to conduct research that is published in scientific journals and presented at professional conferences. In addition, psychology majors gain “hands-on” experience in the field with a practicum or internship.

Travel and Research: Ape Sapiens May Term Course

Opportunities to Explore

The psychology department at IWU emphasizes hands-on experience.

Mental Health Immersion Semester

The Mental Health Immersion Semester (MHIS) provides a distinctive learning experience for IWU students interested in mental health topics or mental health-related careers.

Dog Cognition Lab

The IWU Dog Scientists is a team of researchers seeking to understand a little more about the thoughts, behaviors, and reasoning of our best friends.


If you’re interested in gaining research experience you may offer to help a faculty member with ongoing research, assist a fourth-year student involved in the Undergraduate Thesis Program, or complete a project in the Undergraduate Thesis program as a fourth-year student.


Internships are a great opportunity for students to get practical experience.

Justice Scholars First Year Experience

Crime and the justice system are at the forefront of this First-Year Experience.

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