Assistant Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., Ohio State University
Postdoctoral Research, Yale University

Area of Psychology


Academic and Research Interests

Comparative Cognition
Judgment & Decision Making
Evolution of Cognition
Interventions to improve decision-making

Classes Taught

Research Methods
Experimental Research in Cognitive Psychology

Ape Sapiens: May Term Travel and Research Course

May Term Travel and Research Course
Psychology 329: Ape Sapiens / Wild Minds

Jessica Kraut, Psychology and Biology minor, and Anthony Bohner, Psychology, talk about the three-week Ape Sapiens course where they observed primates and built enrichment tools to provide the apes with cognitive stimulation. After two weeks in Kentucky at the Louisville Zoo and the Primate Sanctuary, the course ends with discussion about the ethical and philosophical questions around captive animals. The course is taught by Psychology Professor Ellen Furlong and Professor Jack Furlong, Philosophy at Transylvania University.

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