The Hearing Committee

The Hearing Committee, as elected by the faculty body, serves as the faculty’s voice in mediating confidential matters involving faculty members.  There are four types of cases heard by the Hearing Committee.

1)  Informal Confidential Mediation.  A Mediation Subcommittee of the Hearing Committee can employ a variety of techniques to informally resolve cases involving complaints by or against members of the faculty.  This confidential mediation is designed to help those in dispute reach a voluntary solution that is satisfactory to all involved parties.

2)   Formal Grievance.  The Hearing Committee appoints a Hearing Panel that systematically considers the merits of a formal grievance involving members of the faculty or administration

3)  Review of PAT Procedures.  At the request of a faculty member, the Hearing Committee appoints a Hearing Panel to review procedures of the Promotion and Tenure Committee.  In these cases, the Hearing Committee only considers whether the Promotion and Tenure Committee followed due process and does not consider the merit of a decision by PAT.

4) Dismissal for Cause.  The Hearing Committee reviews evidence potentially leading to the dismissal of a tenured or untenured faculty member before the end of the specified contract term.