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Individual Focus

Many of our students, in a variety of majors, are interested in pursuing professional programs—medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, occupational/physical therapy and more--after graduating from IWU. In addition to the academic advising the students receive from our faculty, we have a dedicated pre-health advisor who can offer guidance and resources so students can learn about a range of career paths and are knowledgeable about creating a competitive application. Students planning to apply to professional school after graduation seek ways to build profiles of meaningful experiences that will enhance their chances of admission by volunteering, job shadowing and conducting internships.

This is your journey and you should take time to consider what’s important to you. Planning for a career in healthcare will require you to make a plan and seek advice. Think about experiences you want to pursue in college. Do you want to research or study abroad while you are in college? Have you considered how and when you will find the time to secure the necessary experience to be a competitive applicant? We are here to help. Make an appointment with your academic and pre-health advisors to discuss your plans.

Prepare for the future

Choosing a Major

Pre-med (pre-dental, pre-OT, etc) is not a major but rather a track of courses to best prepare you for the professional school of your choice. While some majors require courses that better align with prerequisite courses for professional schools, there is no specific major required for a career in healthcare.

  • Select a major that represents your interests because you are more likely to excel in courses that interest you and your GPA will matter when you apply for professional programs.
  • How well you do in your coursework is more important than your choice of major. Pre-health professional programs are built on a strong foundation in the sciences and mathematics. Admissions committees will strongly consider the rigor of your course selections in addition to how well you perform in these classes. The more science and/or upper division courses, the more competitive you will be.
  • Different programs may have different pre-requisites. Check out “Pre-requisites & Program Guides” to see what classes will best prepare you for the professional program that interests you.

Get Involved

Pre-Health Club
Lizette and Mark
The IWU Pre-Health Club is an organization of students interested in any field of healthcare who meet regularly to learn more information about different healthcare specialties.
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Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society is a national honors society for undergraduates in the sciences dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extend the boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research.
Occupational Therapy Club
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The IWU Occupational Therapy Club is a community of future occupational therapists who meet to discuss the benefits of OT as a career and field of study, the process by which to attain higher in OT, and the implications of an OT's work on the lives of their patients.
Study Abroad
RSO Fair
#4 – You love new friends and new experiences. With more than 150 student groups, athletic teams, and ensembles, plus opportunities to research and study abroad, you will never be bored!
Being Breakthrough
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#5 – You appreciate those "aha" moments. Apply so you can be part of a community that both challenges and supports you to think bigger, dig deeper, and change the world around you.
#6 – You like a good bargain. Our Financial Aid meets you and your family right where they are. Scholarships abound. Get a quick look at how much it could cost.
Career Success
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#7 – Landing a good job is your top concern. Six months after graduation, 97% of our grads have meaningful jobs or are in grad school.
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#8 – You want to find the right fit. Our students love it so much here, they stay enrolled each year at rates more than 30% higher than the national median.
Free to Apply
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#9 – Application fees bum you out. At Illinois Wesleyan, there's no application fee. We want everyone, regardless of income, to have the opportunity to apply for our "breakthrough" approach to a well-rounded education.
Internships that Matter
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#10 – You want a head start on your future. Our students gain impactful real-world experience that employers notice: 71% of Illinois Wesleyan students take part in at least one internship during their 4 years; 46% do two or more.
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#11 – You appreciate a helping hand into your chosen career field. Our network of alumni are waiting to welcome you into the real world and help you get on your feet.
World Experience
Study Abroad
#12 – Living and learning in another culture sounds exciting to you. We believe so deeply in the benefits of world travel and study that we work hard to make it possible and affordable.