Political Science

Res Publica
Volume XI

Emily Kay Ergang
Anthony Reinhart

Assistant Editors
Beth Dennis
Sherri Haas
Brett Strand

Faculty Advisor
Kathleen Montgomery

Note from the Department Chair

Editor's Introduction

About the Authors

Peter Raatz- Corruption's Hold on the Economy: An Examination of the Causes of Economic Development

Kathleen Frawley- Dependency on Military Base Employment's Effect on Defense Expenditure Voting in Congress: A BRAC Era Test of the Military Industrial Complex Theory

T.J. Wessel- Agenda Setting in the State of the Union: The Impact on Legislative Success

Sherri Haas- Female Parliamentary Representation in Islamic Countries

Sarah Mysiewicz- Evaluating the Impact of State Level Welfare Reform on Female Heads of Households

Anthony Reinhart- Affirming the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004