Res Publica
Volume X

Ryan Foster

Assistant Editors
Laura Jaskerski
John Larson

Faculty Advisor
Kathleen Montgomery

Note From the Department Chair

Editor's Introduction

About the Authors

Amy Buenning - Why They Hate Us: An Empirical Study of Individuals' Anti-American Attitudes

Dan Glade- Dissonant Politics in Mubarak's Egypt

Megan Presnak- Central Bank Independence in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Analysis, 1960-1989

Lavanga Wijekoon- Why Do South and Southeast Asians Vote For Female Heads of State?

Ryan A. Kemper- U.S. Drug Control Policy: Clinging to An Outdated Philosophy

Katherine Egan-  Equal Worth and the Duty to Adopt

Allison Bannerman and Ryan A. Kemper- U.S. vs. Stewart: Two Opinions