Editor's Introduction

            The ninth edition of Res Publica displays, once again, the excellence of the Illinois Wesleyan Political Science Department. The quality of the papers in this publication reflects not only the hard work of the student writers, but also the amazing support and guidance offered by the Political Science faculty.  We are truly proud to acknowledge that ours is one of very few peer-reviewed undergraduate journals in Political Science in the nation.  This publication is sponsored by Pi Sigma Alpha, the IWU political science honor society.
            The papers that comprise this edition continue Res Publica’s tradition of publishing original and exemplary student research papers in all facets of political science.  This year’s volume addresses a broad variety of topics in the discipline, including the effect of education on political ideology, composition of legislatures, intervention in intrastate conflict, the culture of child poverty, the implementation of domestic violence policies, and representation philosophies of legislators.  The cover includes a quotation by Franklin D. Roosevelt, which stresses the importance of education for a functioning democracy.  Since this year is the 50th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education, the famous Supreme Court decision against segregation in schools, this quote seems appropriate.
            The editors of this year’s edition would like to thank several faculty members for their invaluable assistance.   Professors Jim Simeone and Kathleen Montgomery provided advice and support during the editing process.  In addition, the guidance of Professors Tari Renner, Kathleen Montgomery, and Greg Shaw was essential to the authors during the research and writing of their papers.

Mollie Whitehead and Tracy Quinlan
The Editors