Political Science

Table of Contents:

Stephanie Reinhart -
Disappearing Youth in American Politics? Campus, Community, and Political Participation by Undergraduate Students

Gretchen Grabowski -
Postmaterialism in Colombia

Igor Khrestin -
Constructing a Common Ukranian Identity: An Empirical Study

Sarah Fuller -
A Question of Motivations: Determining Why Donor Countries Give Aid

Res Publica
Volume VII

Sarah Fuller
Stephanie Reinhart

Assistant Editors
Gretchen Grabowski

Faculty Advisor
Jim Simeone

A Note From the Department Chair

Illinois Wesleyan University's Department of Political Science and our Pi Sigma Alpha chapter are pleased to publish Volume VII of Res Publica, a journal of original undergraduate research. The papers in this volume examine important questions in international, comparative, and American Politics through their application of various methodological approaches. These works speak to a variety of concerns, including political beliefs, culture, and participation and, therefore, constitute a truly public thing.

This publication reflects the Department's emphasis on developing students' analytical and research skills. Most, though not all, of these papers grew out of our Senior Seminars. The quality of research and writing in this volume highlights the caliber of work being done in the Senior Seminars in particular and across our curriculum in general. Res Publica provides an opportunity to display some of the best work underway in the Department while serving to invite discussion and critique of student-generated ideas. In a very real sense, our students have grown from mere consumers of knowledge to being producers of knowledge.

We are very pleased with our recent successes and look forward to the continued development of an outstanding and innovative Political Science program.

Tari Renner
Department Chair

Editors' Introduction

This is the seventh volume of Illinois Wesleyan University's undergraduate research journal, Res Publica. It is brought to you by Illinois Wesleyan University's Political Science Department and its Pi Sigma Alpha Chapter.

Res Publica is one of only a few undergraduate political science journals in the nation, which illustrates the strength and quality not only of the political science program at Illinois Wesleyan University, but also of its students and their academic endeavors. College students of all years and majors are invited to submit their political science research for inclusion in the journal. The Editors and Assistant Editors chose the best from this selection to include in this journal.

Continuing Res Publica's tradition of publishing original and exemplary student research papers of all sub-fields of political science, this year's volume spans the globe, a journey that starts right here at IWU. The first selection examines political activism among college students at IWU. From there the focus shifts to South America where our second author examines postmaterialism in Colombia. The third selection moves to Eastern Europe, where our third author examines national identity in his native country, Ukraine. The path around the globe ends in Africa, where our fourth author tests theories about what motivates donor countries to give foreign aid to countries in Africa. We hope you enjoy this year's selections.

The Editors


The editors of this year's edition wish to thank Professor Jim Simeone for his guidance in compiling the seventh Res Publica and Professors Frank Boyd and Tari Renner, whose guidance was essential to the authors in their research.

This publication would not be possible without the many Political Science students who submitted their research for the selection process. We would also like to thank Student Senate for the funding that makes this publication possible.

Finally, we are very grateful to Brian Duffy and Jeanette Otis for helping us with technical difficulties.