Table of Contents:

Editor's Introduction

Terrence Chapman - Bridge Clubs Versus The Michigan Militia: The Impact of Social Capital on Attitudes toward Political Violence

Josip Glaurdic - Croatia's Leap toward Gender Equality in the Parliament: The Role of the Electoral System Design

Nicole Lalich - Exclusive Societies: Minority Ethnic Group Support for Democracy

Brian Mertz - Information Superhighway or Information Overload? Exploring the Viability of Candidate Web Sites as a Means for Political Learning

Michael Pulia - Public Opinion on Environmental Issues: Does it Influence Government Action?

Rebecca Ray - Let Us In, Let Us In: A Study of Female Legislative Representation in Post- Communist Europe

Res Publica
Volume VI

Terrence Chapman
Josip Glaurdic

Assistant Editors
Nicole Lalich
Elizabeth Notz
Stephanie Reinhart

Faculty Advisor
Jim Simeone