Table of Contents:

Editor's Introduction

Terrence Chapman - The Debate Regarding the Freedman's Bureau: Is Equlity of Process Sufficient for Equality of Results?

John Hennessy - Ballots del Barrio: An Investigation of Latino Participation

Jennifer Nash - National Political Influence and the Catholic Church

Amy Ragland - Deliverance: A Study of Medicade and Managed Health Care

Jarrett Ruffino - The European Union: Cross-National Variation in Public Support

Kathryn Vojack - Benefits by Gender: Determinants of Welfare Accessibility for MIgrant Women in Western Europe

Todd Zoellick - Dajniel Elazar, Bogus or Brilliant: A Study of Political Culture Across the American States

Res Publica
Volume V

Kathryn Vojack
Todd Zoellick

Faculty Advisor
Greg Shaw