Table of Contents:

Dan Carden - Lincoln Versus Douglas: It Wasn't the Top Hat that Made Lincoln so Attractive

Cody Smith - Determinants of Death: State Variation in Capital Punishment Policy

Courtney Navarra - And All the King's Men

Jamie Kolb - Who Cares About the Kids? Examining Roll Call Voting in the Senate on Children's Programs

Amy Ragland - Community over the Individual: An Egalitarian Thomas Paine

R. Scott Ralston - Minority Representation in American City Councils: The Effect of Election Systems

Jake Posey & Justin Taylor - Do National Parties Still Matter? A Study of Party System Congruence in the South

Res Publica
Volume IV

Cody Smith
Eric Wesselkamper

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Elizabeth Raboin
Amy Ragland
Todd Zoellick

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James Simeone