Table of Contents:

Chris Dunlap - Economic and Political Determinants of State Spending

Nathan Knuffman - Environmental Commitment Among the States

Greg Crowe & Elizabeth Ann Eberspacher - Partisanship and Constituency Influences on Congressional Roll-Call Voting Behavior in the U.S. House

Meg Bergin - Hey Big Spender: Testing Alternative Theories on Variance in Welfare "National Effort"

Andrew Killian - Determinants of Military Spending in Developing African Nations

Angela Burnette - Women's Representation in National Legislatures: The Hungarian Case

John Gutowski - Unheeded Advice

Jarod Bona - Efficiency, Entitlements, and the Value of Consent

Res Publica
Volume III

Jarod Bona
Angela Burnette

Associate Editors
Chris Dunlap
Nate Knuffman
Justin Taylor

Faculty Advisor
James Simeone

Note from the Chair

Illinois Wesleyan University's Department of Political Science and our Pi Sigma Alpha Chapter are pleased to publish Volume III of Res Publica, a journal of original undergraduate research. Paper nominations require a faculty sponsor from within the Department. The Editorial Board selects, from among the nominations, those which appear to make the most substantive contributions to the discipline.

This publication reflects the department's increasing emphasis upon developing students' analytical and research skills. We have made great strides toward these ends in recent years by restructuring our curriculum generally, and Research Methods and Senior Seminar, in particular. The latter course, for example, requires all students to apply what they learned in Methods by completing an original research project. The research design and final product are publicly presented to their classroom peers for evaluation and discussion.

Other important indicators of the development of research skills include student participation in professional conferences and collaborative work with department faculty. In recent years, for example, students have participated in a wide variety of regional and local political science meetings. This year, two students have presented their work in professional forums. These include Angela Burnette (Midwest Political Science Association) and Meg Bergin (The John Wesley Powell Research Conference). We are pleased with our recent progress and look forward to the continued development of an outstanding and innovative undergraduate political science program.

The Department wishes to dedicate this volume of Res Publica to Dr. Robert Leh, a retiring member who has made significant contributions to the program and the University at large for over thirty years. We will all greatly miss his gregarious nature, unparalleled dedication to students and encyclopedic knowledge of politics and history.

Tari Renner
Department Chair

Editors' Introduction

Now in its third year of publication, Res Publica has come into its own. As co editors, we are very pleased with the high caliber of this year's submissions and the diverse range of subject matter. As the department has grown in strength and depth, so has the quality of student work. We believe these developments are reflected in Volume III. Papers ranged in topic from American to comparative and addressed both theoretical and empirical questions.

This year's volume also diverges from past issues by including a section aimed at helping students prepare for life after graduation. Matt Sebek discusses his experiences seeking employment in public policy in the Washington D.C. area. Angela Burnette and Jarod Bona, in addition to editing responsibilities, also contributed sections on preparing for graduate school and law school, respectively.

As graduating seniors, working to produce Res Publica has been the last of many challenging and rewarding academic endeavors during our undergraduate careers. We hope, on behalf of ourselves and all of the contributors, that the vast amount of time and effort invested in this volume will inspire future Wesleyan students to continue the legacy of Res Publica.

Jarod Bona and Angela Burnette
Editors in Chief