Organization Description: Missouri Environmental Fund is a non-profit environmental organization that represents 72 local and regional environmental organizations. Missouri Environmental Fund's primary mission is awareness building and fundraising for the organizations it represents.

Internship Program: Interns learn about grassroots organizing, assist with data management, assist with event planning and designing brochures and promotional materials.


Experiences Offered:
*Policy Research
*Grassroots Organizing
*Fund Raising/Event Planning

Preferred Academic Level:
*Graduate Students

Preferred Major(s):
*Environmental Science/Management
*Enivronmental Policy/Political Science 

Semesters Available:

*Fall: Open
*Spring: Open
*Summer: Open

Application Materials:
*Cover letter
*Writing Sample
*Application Form 

Contact Person:
Ms. Laura Newuman-Howe (
Deputy Director
Missouri Environmental Fund
1222 Spruce Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone:  314-621-6182

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