Democracy Matters

Job Title: Campus Coordinator Intern

Description: Democracy Matters is accepting applications for paid internships through our Campus Intern Program. We are a non-partisan organization of students and professors working on campuses across the country to educate people about the role of money in politics, and its impact on democracy. We call for alternatives that can reform and revitalize our political process thereby deepening democracy in the United States. Specifically, we organize around issues of campaign finance reform, full and partial public funding of elections, and election reform. We differ from other political groups on campus in that we are not a political party and we do not concern ourselves with specific races. Instead, we are concerned with the process of campaigns-especially fundraising-and issues specifically related to political accountability and democracy. Campus Coordinators are expected to work 10 hours/week.

Responsibilities include:
* Build coalitions of student activists on your campus.
* Organize teach-ins on money in politics.
* Train college students to run workshops in high schools.
* Coordinate with other colleges in sponsoring reform legislation.
* Lobby and educate elected officials about campaign finance reform.
* Run petition drives and door-to-door canvasses to educate students on the issue of money in politics.
* Create a Democracy Matters chapter that can work with students, faculty and community activists to get private money out of politics and people back in.

Applicants should have a commitment to social change and some organizing experience. No expertise in campaign finance reform is required.

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Joan Mandle.

Campus Coordinators will be paid monthly at the rate of $750 per semester. Additional funding is made available for campus activities. In some cases, students arrange with individual professors to get service learning or course credit for the work they are doing with Democracy Matters. Campus Coordinators work closely with Democracy Matters staff and are given the opportunity to participate in regional and national Democracy Matters conferences and workshops. Democracy Matters also provides Campus Coordinators with a wide range of support materials and funding for campus activities.

Opportunity Type: Internship

Contact: Joan Mandle

Status: Part-time

Classification: Internship

Job Locations: Nationwide (All 50 States)

Job Function: Advocacy, Community Service, Fundraising/Development,  Political Organization/Lobbying, Teaching/Education

Period of Employment: Academic Year

Compensation Type: Paid