Political Science

The Brookings Institution

Organization Description: The Brookings Institution is a non-profit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. Their mission is to conduct high quality research and based on that research provide innovative, practical recommendations that: strengthen American democracy, foster economic and social security and opportunity for all Americans, secure a more open, safe prosperous and cooperative international system.

Internship Program: Interns have the opportunity to work at one of America's oldest and most relevant think tanks. Interns perform research that has real impact on public policy.

Experiences Offered:
*Policy Research
*Economic Research
*Media Relations

Preferred Academic Level:

Preferred Major(s):
*Political Science/Policy 
*International Studies/Development

Semesters Available:

*Fall: Open
*Spring: Open
*Summer: Open

Application Materials:
*Cover letter
*Writing Sample

Contact Person: Ms. Megha Pokharel
Affiliate Program Coordinator
1775 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036

Phone: 202-797-6000
Fax: 202-797-2479

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