Political Science

Amnesty International

Organization Description: Amnesty International works to free all prisoners of conscience detained anywhere for their beliefs or because of ethnic origin, sex color or language who have not advocated violence. It also works to ensure fair and prompt trials for political prisoners, abolish the death penalty, torture and extrajudicial executions and "disappearances".

Internship Program: Internships are available at the Washington Office in 18 different program areas.

Experiences Offered:
*Policy Research
*Media Relations
*Legal Research

Preferred Academic Level:
*Graduate Students
*Law Students

Preferred Major(s):
*Political Science/Policy 
*International Studies/Development
*Foreign Language

Semesters Available:

*Fall: June 30
*Spring: October 30
*Summer: March 1

Application Materials:
*Cover letter
*Writing Sample
*Academic Transcript
*Letters of Recommendation (Two) 

Contact Person:
Ms. Alison Collins
Intern Coordinator
Amnesty International
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
5th Floor
Washington, DC 20003

Phone: 202-544-0200
Fax: 202-546-7142

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