Political Science

Washington Semester Program


For three days of each week, you'll participate in intellectual discussion with professionals who are knee-deep in the field you are studying. You'll go "behind the scenes"; into the offices of most of the speakers to get a first-hand insider's view of the week's topics of discussion.

The Internship

We provide you with an instant network of organizations to look through. You can start your search right away, or wait until you arrive in D.C. Either way, you'll have nearly two weeks at the beginning of the semester to attend interviews and make your selection. 

Research or elective course

You have the option of choosing to conduct an in-depth research project using Washington, D.C. as a laboratory of information or to take an elective class from AU's hundreds of offerings to fulfill an academic requirement from your home school. 

Q&A with Diane Lowenthal, associate dean of Academic Programs at American University

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Washington Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program is an academic program with two components. Students gain hands-on skills interning full-time for a professional organization in Washington, and augment their experiences through a seminar class in their field of study which meets one half day a week. The internship is definitely the way to gain experience for your résumé, but the relationship you build with your professor will help you place your experiences in an academic context and provide you with a forum to share your thoughts on the internship process.

You will submit a comprehensive portfolio of your internship experience in D.C. to your professor mentor at the end of your program. Your portfolio & internship evaluation (and research paper if you elect the six credit option) will determine your final grade.

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