Adam Clark, Class of 2009

  1. Where are or did you intern? Briefly, what does/did your internship entail?
    The Action Research Center, I am working also with the Friends of the Constitution Trail. I work with that group to help coordinate and plan a project that will put educational signs at about six places on the Constitution Trail.

  2. What aspects of your internship do/did you enjoy most? Find most challenging?
    I really enjoy the freedom and the problem solving skills I am learning. It is enjoyable working with a volunteer group because they are more laid back. Sometimes it is challenging to keep the plans moving forward because the group does not meet often, and the schedule for the internship is different from the schedule for the group.

  3. How does/did your internship relate to what you have been studying at Illinois Wesleyan?
    I have been studying Political Science, and now we are looking to help educate the public on the Constitution. I've also learned about local government operations, which we deal with when planning the project.

  4. Has your internship given you any insight into what you would like to do upon graduating from Illinois Wesleyan?
    Yes, I have really enjoyed working with the group, and I might consider a career in city management or planning. They are not the same, but they do use similar techniques to solve problems.

  5. What advice, if any, would you give to Political Science majors looking for, or even just considering, an internship?
    Definitely try one because I found it more enriching and rewarding than just taking classes. This was a chance to see how to incorporate some of the knowledge into skills. I have learned from the experience that I need to take away skills from college and not just knowledge. I at least got the feeling that I was in a real world environment, and I think it will help me later.