Internship Opportunities

Why internships?

To lead in a democratic society, citizens must be able to tolerate ambiguity and manage multiple standards of inquiry comfortably. The political science faculty at IWU encourages students to use their off-campus experiences—internships, study abroad, and other opportunities—to cross and bridge the multiple learning domains they master in the classroom. The internship seminar brings students and faculty together to facilitate research projects in partnerships that serve the community and enhance our quality of life. If you'd like to hear more about our alum's personal experiences with internships, click here for more information.

What is the place of the internship in the liberal arts education?

As a political science department at a liberal arts college, we focus on starting our students down the path of general education. They become specialists in their major, but through the general education program they also become generalists able to make connections between and among all the major areas of scholarly research and artistic endeavor. The ability to bridge multiple domains of learning is essential to developing a meaningful philosophy of life. It is also essential for effective leadership and action in the sphere of civil society. The internship program in political science provides students with opportunities to work in multiple domains on projects that benefit the community. In this sense, when students participate in internship seminar projects they fulfill the highest ideals of a liberal arts education.

For more information, please see PSCI 396 or 397 – Which internship should I take?

IWU/Bloomington-Normal Programs

Action Research Center

Illinois Farm Bureau Legislative Affairs Internship

State of Illinois Programs

Environmental Law and Policy Center Internship

Graduate Public Service Intern Program

Illinois City/County Management Association (ILCMA)

Illinois Legislative Staff Intern Program

Illinois Stewardship Alliance

James H. Dunn Jr. Memorial Fellowship

The Michael Curry Summer Internship Program

Paul Simon Fellowship

Reform for Illinois

Semester/Summer in Washington, D.C.

American University Washington Semester Program

National/International Programs

Action Africa

American Kurdish Information Network

Amnesty International

Associated Colleges of Illinois Career Path Project

Brookings Institution

Center for International Policy

Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Council on American-Islamic Relations in Chicago

Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C.

Food and Water Watch

Foundation for Middle East Peace

Freeman Foundation

Green Corps

Human Rights Campaign

Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

Missouri Environmental Fund

National Immigrant Justice Center

National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago

National Urban League

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Peace Corps

U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom

U.S. Department of State

White House Internships