Lauren Contorno, Class of 2012

  1. Where are or did you intern? Briefly, what does/did your internship entail?
    During Summer 2010, I interned at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Chicago.  I was a Civil Rights Intern, so I interned in the legal department, aiding the lawyers and law clerks with cases of religious discrimination.  Some of my duties included summarizing depositions, updating the bi-weekly newsletter, research, and contacting clients to update them on the status of their cases or to gather further information.

  2. What aspects of your internship do/did you enjoy most? Find most challenging?
    It was very rewarding to be able to interact on a daily basis with the law clerks, for they were able to give me a snapshot of what law school is all about.  Interacting with clients was the most challenging, yet also the most fulfilling part of my internship experience.

  3. How does/did your internship relate to what you have been studying at Illinois Wesleyan?
    A few of my classes here at Wesleyan have addressed the issue of multiculturalism and the tension it can create.  In this internship, I was able to witness firsthand some of the discrimination issues Muslim-Americans are currently facing as a result of this tension.  I also took Constitutional Law II, which addressed the rights of religious minorities and therefore related directly to my internship experience in the legal department at CAIR.

  4. Has your internship given you any insight into what you would like to do upon graduating from Illinois Wesleyan?
    This internship made me seriously consider going to law school, but alas, I still have not made up my mind!

  5. What advice, if any, would you give to Political Science majors looking for, or even just considering, an internship?
    Find an internship that will give you work experience that you are genuinely interested in.  Do not just find an internship for the sake of putting it on your resume if you can't be at least somewhat passionate about the work you will be doing!